OrderWise 23.9 Q3 Release

release notes

As we approach the countdown to Christmas, a pivotal time for a huge portion of our customers, we're excited to unwrap the latest enhancements and  developments in OrderWise Version 23.9 Q3 2023. From accounts to stock management, we've listened to your feedback and tailored these updates to meet your evolving needs during the festive period.


1. 'Sales Out' Rebate Agreement Type

Licensed Feature: Yes (Accounts)

We've added a new rebate agreement type called 'Sales out,' which calculates rebates based on the total value of sales invoices (minus credits) for a specified period. You can choose to calculate rebates based on either the invoiced value or the invoiced quantity. This feature can be found under System > Rebates > Rebate Agreements.

Courier Integration

2. Advanced - DPD API International Direct Feed – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - DPD)

We've made improvements to our DPD API integration. When you enable the 'Use separate importer details' option under Courier Integration > Importer Details, the details in the Importer Details and Importer Address tabs will now be exported to the 'invoiceDeliveryDetails' container in the JSON file exported to the courier. This provides more flexibility and control over your shipping process.

3. Vigo API – Courier Integration

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier – Vigo Soloways)

We're excited to announce the addition of courier integration for Vigo API in OrderWise. This new development allows you to seamlessly integrate with Vigo Soloways for your shipping needs. You can configure various settings, including API key, test mode, live URL, test URL, and label printer under System > Despatch > Couriers > Courier Integration > Vigo.

4. Royal Mail API - Intersoft – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier – Royal Mail API (Intersoft))

In our ongoing efforts to enhance courier integrations, we've updated the Royal Mail API - Intersoft integration. Now, the 3-letter code specified in the 'Terms' Courier Option will be exported to the 'terms' field when shipping with Royal Mail API - Intersoft, providing more accurate shipping information.

5. DPD Netherlands API – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - DPD)

We've made improvements to our DPD Netherlands API integration. Delivery Address 2 is now exported from the sales order to the 'street2' field in the export XML file. This enhancement ensures that your shipping details are accurately conveyed to DPD Netherlands.

6. FedEx Web Service – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - FedEx)

With our FedEx Web Service integration, you can now enable the 'Insured service' option. When enabled, the insurance price of each parcel will also be exported, providing comprehensive coverage for your shipments. You can configure this setting under System > Sales Order > Delivery Methods > Courier Information.

7. DX DM6 Lite - Direct Feed – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - DX)

For users of DX DM6 Lite, we've added the option to 'Get labels from DX API.' Enabling this Courier Option allows you to retrieve labels directly from the DX API. Additionally, you can configure other label output settings to suit your specific needs under System > Despatch > Couriers > Courier Integration > DX DM6 Lite.

8. ShipStation API – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - ShipStation)

In our ShipStation API integration, we've introduced a new feature. When you populate the 'Ship from warehouse' setting with a warehouse name from the courier portal, that warehouse address will be used as the ship address. This streamlines your shipping process and ensures accuracy. Configure this setting under System > Despatch > Couriers > Courier Integration > ShipStation.


9. Single Signature for Multiple Deliveries

Licensed Feature: Yes (Signature Devices)

Customers can now sign once for multiple deliveries. This simplification speeds up the delivery process, especially beneficial for frequent deliveries to the same location.


10. Delivery Header ID Exported when Syncing Despatches

Licensed Feature: Yes (Web Shop Integration)

We've enhanced our eCommerce functionality by including a 'delivery_id' field when you set the 'Export type' to 'Despatches.' This field is included in the export XML file during the syncing of despatches, providing valuable information about the delivery header ID. You can configure this in eCommerce > eCommerce Session > Web Shop.

11. Variant Back Order Rule Exported during Product Sync

We've introduced a new development for our eCommerce sessions. Variant back order rules are now exported when running the 'Products V2' Web Shop eCommerce session export. This feature enhances your control over variant back order rules within your eCommerce operations.

Mobile Devices

12. AHHT – Variant Default Bin Visible on Variant Inspection

Licensed Feature: Yes (Mobile Devices – Android / Mobile Devices – Android 3rd Party)

For Android Handheld Terminals (AHHT) users, we've improved the Variant Inspection module. With the 'Limit to user stock locations' setting disabled, variants can now be filtered by stock location within the Variant Inspection module. This enhancement streamlines your warehouse operations.

13. AHHT – Streamlined Return Goods In

Licensed Feature: Yes (Returns, Mobile Devices – Android / Mobile Devices – Android 3rd Party)

We've made it easier to manage return goods in the Android Handheld Terminals (AHHT). Enabling the 'Use streamlined booking in process for linked returns' setting streamlines the returns process. Variant codes, batch, and serial numbers are auto-populated and only need confirmation. This improvement can be found in AHHT > Return Goods In.

13. AHHT – Force Scan Additions

Licensed Feature: Yes (Mobile Devices – Android / Mobile Devices – Android 3rd Party)

We've introduced a feature to ensure scanning accuracy in the Android Handheld Terminals (AHHT). With specific User Group Settings enabled, Android Mobile Device Users will be required to scan bin numbers and variants within the relevant module. Any scanning issues can be reported, providing visibility into potential discrepancies.


14. Supplier Special Costs Tabs in the To Purchase Report and Purchase Order Entry

Licensed Feature: No

We've added a 'Special Costs' tab to the To Purchase Report and Purchase Order Entry forms, allowing you to view supplier special costs directly within these screens. Although the fields are not editable, this enhancement provides convenient access to special cost information.

15. Post Rebate Line Cost

Licensed Feature: Yes (Rebate Management)

Now, when you enable the 'Calculate expected cost after rebates on purchase orders' setting, the 'Post rebate line cost' field within the Purchase Order Entry form and the To Purchase Report will be populated with the expected cost of a purchase order line, minus the value of any active rebates assigned to the variant/supplier. This feature enhances visibility into your purchase order costs.

16. Batch Edit Purchase Order Lines Deallocation

Licensed Feature: No

We've introduced the 'Auto Deallocate' button, allowing you to easily remove allocations applied to selected Purchase Order, Transfer, or Works Order lines. This feature simplifies the management of allocations within your purchasing process.

17. Supplier Special Cost Discount Value

Licensed Feature: No

We've added a 'Discount value' column to the Supplier Special Costs grid. This column works in conjunction with the 'Standard cost (same supplier)' variant setting. You can specify a discount value for each special cost, which will be applied to the cost of the variant when added to a Purchase Order. This enhancement offers more flexibility in managing supplier special costs.


18. Empty Bin Check Message After Variant Confirmation

Licensed Feature: Yes (Robotics, Robotics - Robots, Robotics - Stations)

For robotics users, we've added the 'Bin check after variants confirmation' setting. When enabled, the empty bin check message will be displayed after successfully scanning and confirming a variant. This feature ensures the accuracy of your inventory management.


19. Variant Back Order Rules

Licensed Feature: No

We've introduced variant back order rules, allowing you to create and apply rules to variants. When a variant with a back order rule is added to a sales order, the rule is checked, and if the variant doesn't meet the criteria, it won't be added to the sales order. This feature provides more control over your sales order processing.

20. Multisaver Discount Method

Licensed Feature: No

If you use the multisaver discount method 'Get x for y (with groups),' you now have the option to exclude specific variant groups from the discount. Enabling the 'Do not apply discount to this group' setting ensures that variants from this group are not eligible for the multisaver discount.

21. Quick Add Customer

Licensed Feature: No

We've streamlined the process of adding new customers with the 'Quick Add Customer' feature. You can now select specific customer fields to display when creating customers, simplifying the customer creation process. This enhancement saves you time and ensures accurate customer data entry.


22. Copy Category in Quick Add Variant Form

We've improved the Quick Add Variant form by adding the option to copy variant categories. Enabling this setting ensures that the variant category is copied to the new variant when using the Quick Add Variant form within Purchase Order or Sales Order Entry.

Store EPOS

23. Subtotal Groups

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

In Store EPOS, we've introduced Subtotal Groups. You can now set groups against order lines to create subtotals for invoice, receipt, or document calculations. This feature enhances your ability to organise and present order totals effectively.

24. Restrict Manually Adding Variants within Store EPOS

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

To improve security and control within Store EPOS, we've added a setting to restrict manual addition of variants. When this setting is disabled, Store Users will require supervisor permission to add variants manually. This ensures that only authorised users can modify orders manually.

25. 'Price Change Authorised by Store User' Column

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

We've enhanced the Sales Activity tab in Store EPOS. When a till User authorises an order line price amendment, the User's name will now populate the 'Price change authorised by store user' column in the Line Items grid within the Sales Activity tab. This feature provides transparency and accountability in your sales activities.

26. Gift Card Expiry on Store EPOS Receipts

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

We've added the ability to display Gift Card 'ExpiryDate' on Store EPOS receipts. You can customise the layout to include this information, ensuring that both your staff and customers are aware of gift card expiration dates.

27. Manufactured Option Additional Price

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

Now, when adding a manufactured item to a Store EPOS order and selecting an option with an additional price, that additional price will be added to the order line item. This feature simplifies the pricing of manufactured items in Store EPOS.

28. Supervisor Override for Customer Credit Warnings

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

When taking an 'On Account' payment in Store EPOS, warnings are raised for various credit-related issues. If a Store User doesn't have the relevant permissions enabled, a supervisor code will be required to proceed. This feature ensures that critical financial decisions are made with proper authorisation.

29. Single Use Discount Codes

We've introduced the ability to create single-use discount codes. With this setting enabled, a discount code can only be applied once per customer across their sales orders, whether in OrderWise or Store EPOS. This feature allows you to manage and control discount usage effectively.

These latest updates are designed to empower your business with more control, efficiency, and flexibility across various areas of your operations. We're committed to continuously improving our software to meet your evolving needs. Stay tuned for more exciting developments next quartner.