Orderwise 23.12 Q4 Release

release notes

As we say hello to a new year, we're excited to announce our latest Q4 release, version 23.12, packed with innovative updates and enhancements across the Orderwise system. 

Whether it's enhancing efficiency in payment processing, simplifying logistics or providing better data management tools, our Q4 release offers a range of new features and improvements, ensuring businesses are equipped to thrive in 2024 and beyond. Navigate a breakdown below.


1. Payment Lists

Licensed Feature: Yes (Accounts)

Payment lists allow grouping of purchase invoices for approval and bulk payment. Linked transactions to a payment list are secured from being paid by other means. This enhances control over the accounts payable process.


2. Single Signature for Multiple Deliveries

Licensed Feature: Yes (Signature Devices)

Customers can now sign once for multiple deliveries. This simplification speeds up the delivery process, especially beneficial for frequent deliveries to the same location.

Courier Integration

3. DPD Netherlands API – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - DPD)

Improvement in parcel weight calculation for DPD Netherlands shipments. Parcel weight is now the sum of each variant plus packet weight, rounded away from zero for accuracy.

4. Royal Mail Click and Drop – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier – Royal Mail)

The new 'Override temp folder' Courier Option for 'Royal Mail Click and Drop – Direct Feed' and 'International Direct Feed' has been added. It allows for better control over the temporary storage and movement of export files.

5. FedEx - Web Service – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier - FedEx)

The 'Account number' field in the 'Sales | Customer List' settings now exports to the FedEx export file, ensuring accurate shipping information.

6. Amazon Merchant Fulfillment SP-API – Amendment

Licensed Feature: Yes (Courier – Amazon Merchant Fulfillment)

For pick ship despatches, the largest dimension variant will now dictate the package dimensions, streamlining the Amazon Merchant Fulfillment process.


7. Export Country Code in Customer Web Shop Export

Licensed Feature: No

Invoice, Statement, and Delivery address country codes are now included in the standard Customer Web Shop Export, enhancing data accuracy for international transactions.


8. View Discontinued Status

Licensed Feature: Yes (Manufacturing)

The 'Discontinued' column in the ‘Where Used’ grid shows the discontinued status for each manufactured variant, aiding in inventory management.

9. Output Works Order Listings from Planner

Licensed Feature: Yes (Works Order Planner)

When using groups in the Works Order Planner, the 'Output' button now generates listings for all Works Orders in the group, improving planning efficiency.

Store EPOS

10. Show Customer Details in Parked Orders Screen

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

Parked orders with a customer account now display the customer's name and number, enhancing the visibility of customer details.

11. Restrict Amending of Lines

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

This feature restricts the ability to void lines or amend order line quantities in Store EPOS without proper user permissions, increasing security.

12. Hide Pay Button

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

The 'Pay' button can now be hidden, replaced by a 'Summary' button with payment methods obscured, focusing on order summary over transactions.

13. Hide Customer Credit Details

Licensed Feature: Yes (Stores, Store Tills, Store Management)

Customer credit details can now be hidden in the Customer screen of Store EPOS, enhancing privacy and data protection.


14. Supplier Special Costs Set by Date

Licensed Feature: No

Special costs calculation by suppliers can now be based on the current date or purchase order line promised date, aiding in accurate cost forecasting.

15. Rebate Overview

Licensed Feature: Yes (Accounts, Rebate Management)

The 'Rebate Overview' displays active rebate agreements for a selected supplier and variant, streamlining rebate management.

16. Supplier Foreign Payment Fields

Licensed Feature: No

IBAN and BIC fields have been added for foreign payment references, facilitating international transactions.


17. Sales Order Cancellation Reasons

Licensed Feature: No

Cancellation reasons for sales orders are now mandatory and can be selected or entered manually, providing better insights into order cancellations.


18. Third Party Logistics Stock Take Filter

Licensed Feature: Yes (Third Party Logistics Billing)

Stock takes can now be filtered for specific Third Party Logistics customers, improving stock management and accuracy.

19. Ignore Quarantined Stock and Specific Bins in TTR

Licensed Feature: Yes (Transfers)

Exclude specific bins or quarantined stock from the To Transfer Report, enhancing inventory accuracy.


19. Loyalty Scheme Points Import

Licensed Feature: No

Loyalty points can now be imported to the system, enhancing customer loyalty programs.

20. Rebate Agreement Type – Goods In

Licensed Feature: Yes (Accounts, Rebate Management)

A new 'Goods in' rebate type calculates rebates based on received goods quantity, aiding in accurate rebate computations.

These latest enhancements aim to bolster your business by enhancing control, efficiency, and adaptability in multiple facets of your operations. Looking to taker a deeper dive into our latest release? Read the full release notes in the link below.