Photo Capture Arrives to OrderWise Proof Of Delivery

Log additional proof of both successful and failed deliveries with our new photo capture functionality

Log additional proof of both successful and failed deliveries with our new photo capture functionality.

For any business fulfilling orders through their own fleet of vehicles, having the ability to record when a delivery has been successfully made or attempted is of vital importance. Without this, businesses can spend a lot of their time chasing up customer enquiries relating to the progress of their order. Therefore, to capture this information, many businesses will obtain a signature from the order recipient to confirm shipments have indeed arrived safely in the right place.

However, there can be occasions when a simple signature isn’t enough on its own for proof of delivery. For example, if a delivery has been left in a designated safe place or with a neighbour, drivers may want to may want to take and record a picture as evidence. Additionally, if a delivery attempt has been made but ultimately been unsuccessful, drivers may also need to take a photo to corroborate their recorded reasons. Without giving drivers the ability to easily log these images against corresponding orders, businesses may find themselves dealing with more delivery disputes.

Take and record photos with our latest Mobile POD App enhancement

With the OrderWise Proof of Delivery mobile app, businesses can already give their delivery drivers full visibility of their scheduled runs, smart Google maps navigation to ensure the fastest travel route is always taken and, of course, an accurate digital signature collection tool. Linking in with OrderWise Transport & Routing, this suite of both mobile and desktop software offers businesses delivering shipments through their own vehicles everything they need to effectively manage all aspects of their fulfilment.

Now this month sees a new enhancement added to OrderWise POD to enable users to now take pictures through their device’s native camera and record these within OrderWise. These photos will be stored against a delivery attempt within the POD app, with the flexibility to store up to five photographs per delivery drop. These can then be synchronised back to the main OrderWise system, where they will be accessible within the delivery history screen. This delivery history screen can now also be accessed within customer order history, giving users an additional location from which they can quickly access captured signatures and photographs.

Thanks to this useful new addition to OrderWise POD, vehicle drivers using this mobile app to manage order deliveries can now benefit from being able to take and store photographic evidence should it be required. By having these delivery images accurately recorded and easily accessible, businesses using OrderWise Transport, Routing and Proof of Delivery will be able to benefit from faster enquiry response times, in-turn helping to promote higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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