OrderWise v20.9 is out now

OrderWise v20.9

The latest version of OrderWise is here! Discover the new enhancements

As we welcome a fresh Autumn, the latest generation of OrderWise will also give your systems a boost. With the release of v20.9 comes a whole host of enhancements:

Accounts: Pre-set extended payments and cost centre invoice splits

Now, you can set extended payment and settlement terms for your valued suppliers that are visible by your team. As a result, automatically handle any outstanding invoices on a per supplier basis, holding any credit recovery processes for a set amount of time.

Moreover, there are new capabilities to enter a supplier invoice and have the system calculate the percentage split per branch automatically.

BI Alerts: Fine-tune your parameters with location, levels and time

OrderWise v20.9 comes with several new additions to your BI Alert capabilities:

  • ‘How long since’ and location parameters for ‘report not run’ alerts – fine-tune the trigging of your alerts for the number of days the action is overdue, as well as its applicable locations. This enhancement applies to the To Manufacture Report, To Transfer Report and the To Transform Report features. Also, for the Bin Stock Check, an alert will now signal when a storage bin hasn’t had a stock check in a specified number of days.
  • CRM conversion check – receive a signal if your CRM conversion records drop below your specified level, and see figures spread over a number of days for comparison.
Stock: Luckins extras and mass quarantine stock

A new node has been added for mass quarantine actions, greatly saving time. Instead of quarantining items individually, stock can be searched for and whole deliveries or multiple transactions can be segregated in a mass. This also includes new functionality to filter for licence plates.

Meanwhile, enhanced Luckins integration provides further clarity between the Luckins and OrderWise systems. Users can now calculate the costs per item, choose whether to open the item form upon import or export, and whether to log an import against an existing product or a new one.

Purchasing: Special costs indicator

A ‘price break available’ feature has been added to the To Purchase Report, indicating if a supplier is using special costs.

Despatch: Save time with pack scan labels

With OrderWise v20.9, print product labels as you scan each item. Instead of printing on mass at the end, save time and create more efficient picks with every scan.

Ecommerce: Multiple sessions that link for deals

A new tab has been added to the ecommerce deal form for ‘additional sessions’. You can now choose to apply any number of sessions to the main deal, keeping everything linked together.

Within the deals form, it is now also possible to import file codes and lookup codes using an Excel template.

Invoicing: New third-party integrations with Xero and Sage 50

When upgrading to the latest version of OrderWise, v20.9, you can access free full integration with the latest Sage 50 version 27 for 2021. You can also have the option to upgrade to a brand new full integration with Xero accounting software. Keep on top of your everyday invoicing tasks with these third-party integrations, adding seamless simplicity to even more business processes.

Mobile Devices: Enhancements for Windows Mobile WMS

For your Windows Mobile WMS, you can now set default place locations on the HHT devices, specified for each user.

Sales: Removing more process duplications

With OrderWise v20.9, have full cost centre or department code reporting without having to duplicate any discounts or surcharges.

Making your system even better

Whether ensuring excess data is removed or improving the default form layouts for better usability, OrderWise v20.9 is ready to help your business handle all its operational challenges.

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