OrderWise in November 2022 – v22.11

OrderWise in November 2022 – v22.11

While the late autumn evenings draw in, the drawing board ideas are leaping to life at OrderWise. November 2022 brings another round of improvements and enhancements to our ERP and WMS solutions. All to empower your enterprise to work faster, smarter, and better than ever before.

Courier integration

In v22.11 OrderWise continues its ongoing enhancement of our courier integration module. To make sure your goods can move at maximum speed with minimum effort, the following new features and integrations have been included (for more details see our release notes in full):

  • DHL Express MyDHL API – International Direct Feed – Transaction and harmonisation costs on transfers
  • Parcelforce ExpressLink – Web Service – Dangerous and hazardous goods details
  • Royal Mail – Output customs declaration and description
  • ShipStation API integration


Returns are always an issue to contend with, especially in the world of ecommerce. OrderWise knows that this area needs care and attention, which is why in version 22.11 we’ve included a new update to make the whole process even easier. Global discounts and surcharges on returns can now be added to the customer return form, allowing you more even control of exactly how much your customers are charged for each and every transactional stage.


Keeping completely on top of all your purchasing procedures and processes is always important. That’s why OrderWise v22.11 has made it a key focus of our latest round of updates.

In this latest set of enhancements, you can now quickly gain access to calculations about the previous three month’s worth of sales in the to Purchase Report. This makes it faster and easier to see a wider-lens snapshot of a crucial aspect of your overall business performance.

You can also set up new restrictions for specific purchase orders. The “disable add/edit of lines” feature can be enabled to prevent alterations to an existing purchase order. There is also the “edit quantity only” option, which allows no changes to specific items in a purchase order, but does let you change the quantities. A further feature entitled “Show invalid supplier multiplier quantity warning” is also included. This ensures that the supplier quantity multiplier gets validated, and produces a warning if there is no quantity ordered. With another alternative setting enabled, this warning can be overridden if need be


Systemwide improvements cannot be confined to a single module, allowing for a software-wide enhancement to your entire operation. In OrderWise 22.11 that comes in the form of enhancements to our scheduled services options. Now, instead of just tasks running daily, you have the option to pull orders from your ecommerce store or email out purchase orders or report production on specific days, at specific times, as and when you need them. This means your software need not interrupt you in the middle of a working session with update requirements or requests for extra instructions. Simply choose how often you’d like such things to happen, and let OrderWise do the rest.

OrderWise for Android

Ensuring your warehouse can work to its fullest potential has always been a key feature of OrderWise. That’s why the HHT utility of our software has also been further expanded for v22.11. The following three key new features are fully explained in the video here enclosed.

  • Confirm the number of orders on a pick
  • Replenish to multiple bins
  • Select multiple orders at Goods In

Manufacturing and Sales compliance analysis

Sometimes in the process of refining a manufacturing process, you may come across a better way of doing things that must be more widely implemented. OrderWise v22.11 makes that even easier now with the ability to copy and transfer revised and improved processes between different variants. Allowing you to make the most of any and all improvements you find.

Another key process you’ll often find yourself needing is data collection. In v22.11 OrderWise can generate a pop-up box to remind a user to collect important data at a crucial moment. A highly valuable feature in a wide variety of sectors. See more in the video here.

Discover OrderWise v22.11

To learn more about the latest updates OrderWise is offering in this version, read our release notes in full here. There you can learn about the ways we’ve also improved our Android-based handheld terminal software, the new features we’ve included in our Amazon ecommerce integration, and some of the changes that our software has included for warehouse automation options.

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