OrderWise in May 2022 – v22.5

OrderWise in May 2022 – v22.5

May 2022 has continued to see OrderWise’s teams of software specialists, operations experts, and development designers working to the highest possible standards. With OrderWise version 22.5, we’re seeing several new upgrades and many modular improvements. The form and functionality these offer makes running any kind of business smoother than ever. Read on to discover how OrderWise v22.5 enhances everything from despatch to mobile WMS operations.

Courier integration

The rapid transportation of goods has always been a keen focus of OrderWise’s ongoing upgrades and enhancements. Version 22.5 is no exception to this process, with several new functionalities and entire new courier integration options included within this version. These include the following:

  • API integration with DHL Netherlands
  • Batch Feed integration with Palletforce – Consignments can now be exported using FTP, TLS, or SFTP settings
  • DHL API – International Direct Feed – With the ‘Use gross shipment weight’ option, the ‘Shipment Gross Weight’ in the output file includes Packaging Material weight as well as item weight
  • Landmark Global – Using the ‘Send net values’ option, the Courier will export the foreign item price as the Unit Price


Ensuring your business can reach out to as many clients, customers, and potential partners as possible has always been a cornerstone of OrderWise operations. In version 22.5 this has been further expanded with a software integration between OrderWise and Klaviyo. Marketing campaigns can now be created using the Klaviyo email and SMS system, ensuring another means to reach out with the right message to the right people.

Android WMS Handheld Terminals

In version 22.5 the systems and software that OrderWise provides for the WMS handheld terminals has been further streamlined and enhanced to make your warehouse operations smoother and more efficient than ever.

  • Stock movement restrictions – you can now specify that specific stock is no longer movable between certain stock locations.
  • Scan pattern changes – With the ‘Bin / Variant / Quantity / Variant’ Scan Pattern option, after entering a quantity to pull or place, another Variant can be scanned rather than rescanning the bin.
  • Auto-population option – You can now choose whether to auto-populate bin numbers as part of the Picking and Replenishment settings.


The monitoring of the motions and movements of your goods is an area that OrderWise is always optimising. Version 22.5 is no exception to this, as the despatch module has again been an area of focus in this latest round of updates.

  • Packing Material Variant Stock Location – You can now directly select the stock location that the packing material is linked to for a given variant, rather than it just being linked to the location the order is despatched from.
  • Mass Edit Weekly Runs option – Using this option, you can now press “edit mutiple” in Weekly Run Planning, allowing en masse editing of multiple records.


When it comes to purchasing, OrderWise is a firm believer in delivering the maximum possible flexibility and adaptability to your systems. That’s why in version 22.5 we’ve included the ability to override the Main Supplier based on the specific stock locations. This enables you to assign specific suppliers to specific stock locations, giving you more options, and greater precision in your overall supply and purchasing processes.

We’ve also included a new enhancement to the To Transform Report. In version 22.5 all transactions can be individually transformed with their own +TFM transaction. This gives your business even greater traceability in its actions, with details like batch numbers, bin numbers, and expiry dates being recorded in even more places.

Discover OrderWise Version 22.5

Learn more about what is on offer with OrderWise Version 22.5 by reading our latest release notes. See every last feature we’ve included, such as the new plastic packaging tabs to help manage the new taxes being levied in this area, and the new ecommerce ID and sales ID linkages. OrderWise is continually striving to deliver more options and better functionality into each and every area of your business.