3 manufacturing issues OrderWise helps to solve

manufacturing issues

On the 8th-9th June 2022, OrderWise will be attending the Manufacturing Expo 2022 at Birmingham’s NEC. To give you just a taste of what our teams will be talking about at the event, here are three problems manufacturers face every day that OrderWise can solve.

Accuracy Vs Speed

When it comes to business operations, manufacturers of every size are faced with the same challenge. Accuracy vs speed. The balance between the precise recording of every last variant, invoice, component, and bill of materials, versus getting assembly, testing, picking, packing, and despatch finished as fast as possible.

Operating at such a high speed jeopardises accuracy. The worse-case-scenario from a customer-facing angle is faulty items or despatch errors. But on the business side, low accuracy can mean an incomplete picture of business operations. Without a realistic and reliable picture of the volumes and costs of the resources being expended, margins will become thinner and overheads will become oversized.

Maintaining higher accuracy levels is more time-consuming. With your team endlessly having to type into computers, fill in forms, or sort through paperwork, operations are slowed. Slower workflows mean impatient clients.

OrderWise solves this through a single word. Automation. By automatically performing vast volumes of tasks normally directed through the desks of specific staff, OrderWise strikes the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. Every last item and process will be recorded without the need for complex note taking and manual intimidation. Rekeying and other repetitive processes are removed as OrderWise automatically tracks every last SKU, variant, and bill of materials. Allowing your business to manufacture while maximising both accuracy and speed.

Total transparency

To be able to make the very best possible decisions for your business, whether it’s about suppliers, processes, materials, equipment, or anything else, you need as much information as can possibly be gathered. This presents a difficulty for manufacturing businesses linked to the accuracy vs speed discussion. How do you get a total and clear picture of everything your manufacturing process is doing, without slowing the entire operation down? How do you maintain a clear overview of your operation?

The answer begins with OrderWise’s automation, and it ends with the specifically customised dashboards that OrderWise provides. OrderWise begins as a software package offering integrated WMS, ERP, ecommerce, and multi-channel options. Where it persists is as a partnership and process that involves ongoing customisation and active collaboration between business executives and software developers.

With the customised dashboards we design for you, OrderWise can provide a simple to understand “at a glance” overview of your entire manufacturing process. This can be accomplished without any slowing of your processes, or redirection of resources. With OrderWise, your software can tell you exactly what you need to know in exactly the fashion you need to know it.

Substitution suggestions

Even when the supply chain situation isn’t being constantly hounded by global pandemics, international/intranational conflicts, and accidentally blocked sea lanes, sometimes the right components just aren’t available on time. When that happens, and you still have clients who need what they ordered by a deadline, you have to be flexible.

Recording and processing are complicated enough when things are running smoothly. Having to do the same work with different parts will slow things down even more.

This is where OrderWise comes in. With its automated processes and digitised handling of all record-keeping activity, it will have already saved your business substantial time. But in addition to all that, it can also slot in substitution suggestions as and when you need them. This can be done automatically when OrderWise registers that specific stock is low, but other materials are available. All the other paperwork and recording processes will happen smoothly and simply, exactly as if no changes had been made.

Even if changes are needed and component switches come up, OrderWise makes sure everything gets done smoother and simpler than ever.

Discover OrderWise

Should you choose to visit, you can find us at stand F58. There, you’ll be able to talk to our team of technical experts. Tell them about the system you’re currently using, the issues you’re struggling with, and your future expectations. Your business will have the opportunity to see OrderWise Manufacturing software in person, and learn more about how it’s currently helping over thirteen hundred businesses across the UK and beyond.