OrderWise in March 2021 - v21.3

OrderWise v21.03

March is making its mark, spring is settling in, and the OrderWise ongoing optimisation continues. Our teams of support staff, technicians, developers, and testers, have put together the following as part of OrderWise v21.3. Here’s some of what you can expect:

Android mobile HHT

As more and more warehouses make use of the Android HHT module, our teams continue making new and better ways to use this new technology. Some of the latest aspects include:

  • Move tote to trailer option – Updates records of a given tote’s position as being on a specific trailer by first scanning the tote’s barcode and then scanning the trailer’s barcode.
  • Price markdown option
  • Auto-populate options for Goods In Bin
  • Print labels can now be enabled by default for specific variants

Online stores

As ecommerce continues its soaring growth, OrderWise continues to make sure that your online stores are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. The new features in this module include:

  • The ability to cancel orders from OrderWise through the Order History area
  • Cancelled orders can now be deleted through the admin panel
  • Conversion API for Facebook Pixel
  • Weight total calculation options
  • Quotes can now be synchronised even after they have become orders


To keep all kinds of transactions ticking over smoothly, OrderWise v21.3 features a range of new features to the sales module. These include:

  • Multisaver discount codes
  • Card Tokenisation Options using Opayo (SagePay)
  • Minimum margins can now be set based on stock location

Optimisation is ongoing

OrderWise is continually committed to bringing you the very best in business management software. That’s why v21.3 also includes things like the ability to import alternative bank statements from HSBC, more detail on reasons surrounding promised dates on purchase orders, and the ability to change selected supplier in TPR.

Whatever you need for your business management software, OrderWise is here to optimise every last process. Talk to our customer success teams to find out more.