OrderWise in June 2022 – v22.6

OrderWise in June 2022 – v22.6

June 2022 sees OrderWise continue its ongoing cycle of improvements, enhancements, and updates. Our software suite continues to grow and advance as we seek to bring the very best in business management software to all our customers. Whether they are long-term users, recent recipients of a go-live day, or anywhere in between, version 22.6 has many valuable aspects to offer.

Read on further to discover our latest courier integration improvements, delivery rules, save and restore basket systems, and more besides.

Video landing pages

This latest addition to the trade portal and layout editor means that video content can be a crucial component of product category landing pages. This allows more innovative and interesting places to deploy video content across your online store. Using these systems, customers can be more engaged and entertained as they learn about the products and services on offer from your company.

Courier integration

OrderWise works to ensure the transition from warehouse to courier to waiting customer/client is as smooth as possible. To that end, we’ve made the following range of updates to our courier integration module as part of v22.6

  • B2C Europe – International Direct Feed – Send Country Code of Origin
  • UPS Worldship 2012-2015 – IOSS Exempt Option
  • TNT MyTNT2 – International Direct Feed – EORI Number Amendment
  • DPD Netherlands API – Courier Integration
  • Hermes name update – Evri

Basket save and restore

This update allows for a save button to appear below the basket page, giving the consumer the option of keeping certain items aside for later at the checkout stage. In the saved baskets area, the customer can then have the choice of either ‘Checkout’ – which leads straight to Checkout where they can complete their purchase, ‘Edit’ – which adds them to the basket again, or ‘Delete’ which deletes the saved basket.


The sales module has also received major and important enhancements in v22.6. You can now require a postcode input whenever an order or quote needs to be saved. This creates absolute certainty that you have all the necessary information before an order goes further forward. Every last detail is kept and retained just as is needed.

Another enhancement comes from new powers given to the ‘Order Type’ records. You can now arrange your OrderWise system so that the ‘Order Type’ selection can override the ‘Nominal Code’, ‘Cost Centre’, and ‘Department Code’ on your sales order lines. Delivering clarity on every last aspect of your sales systems and processes.

Discover OrderWise v22.6

Learn even more about OrderWise v22.6 by reading our external release notes in full. Discover how our system now lets Android HHTs make multiple selection orders, how additional Amazon template options have been introduced, how the OrderWise API endpoint can be used to amend customer delivery addresses, and much more.