OrderWise in July 2021 - v21.7

Orderwise v21.7

This July, the OrderWise teams of technicians and developers continue to persist diligently to make our package the ultimate exemplar of efficient and effective business management software. Below are outlines of some of our latest accomplishments in the areas of courier integration, accounts, and mobile HHT connectivity.

Courier integration

For the maximum possible level of co-ordination with your couriers, OrderWise version 21.7 now includes new integration with all the following:

  • Scurri API – Direct Feed
  • Pro Carrier API – Direct Feed
  • Parcelhub API – Advanced International
  • FedEx – Web Service
  • Maxoptra API – International Direct Feed
  • Asendia Global API Subretailer – Direct Feed
  • Amazon Merchant Fulfillment
  • B2C Europe – International Direct Feed
  • Royal Mail API – Intersoft
  • Parcelforce expressLink – Web Service
  • Direct Link – Enhanced International Direct Feed
  • Hermes API – International Direct Feed
  • Furdeco GSiT MDA API – Direct Feed
  • GFS Enterprise API – International Direct Feed

These new integrations include (but are not limited to) fields for Export IOSS number, VAT and EORI numbers, options to prevent label printing, selection options for the cheapest available shipping service. Discover more detail in our 21.7 release notes available here.


OrderWise has always been able to keep you fully aware of everything that’s happening with your accounts. In version 21.7, the latest updates are enhancing that power even further. These newest changes all revolve around the detailed stock postings systems, and include the abilities to do the following:

  • Prevent the posting of detailed stock PGI journal entries
  • Split additional costs during detailed stock postings
  • Restrict transactions that are dated in the future
  • Make specific amendments to your stock postings grid

All this and more is here in v21.7, leaving your accounts more smooth and streamlined than ever before.

HHT Mobile devices

The latest round of enhancements delivered in version 21.7 of OrderWise also includes a host of boons to the HHT mobile device apparatus. These new features include:

  • Variant image displays
  • Auto-print of variant transaction labels for stock movement
  • Extra scan options for manufacturing process barcodes

Discover the full range of powers given to the HHT mobile devices in the latest round of external release notes. All to make your warehouse and manufacturing operations as efficient and effective as can be imagined.

Discover OrderWise v21.7

These three subsections are just the beginning. The full roster of improvements offered in v21.7 includes everything from a new quick search box for purchase activity, VAT percentage settings for eBay listings, and several new warehouse automation integrations and enhancements.

Every month, our talented teams of developers, technicians, and support staff bring forth new benefits to your business. If you’d like to learn more about what OrderWise can offer your business, talk to our customer success teams today.

Bring your company the best in business management software – OrderWise 21.7.