OrderWise in February 2022 – v22.2

OrderWise in February 2022 – v22.2

In February of 2022, the OrderWise team have once again combined carefully curated code, diligent design, and fervent functionality to bring forth a new range of updates. In version 22.02 you will find additions to areas including courier integration, mobile devices, sales, returns, and much more besides. All to give your business the best possible experience of efficiency and effective operations.

Courier integration

The connection between the OrderWise software package and the various digital infrastructures of the courier marketplace has been further improved once again with version 22.02. The particular courier connections that have been improved this time include:

  • Hermes
  • DHL
  • Panther Logistics
  • Royal Mail

Read our release notes in full to discover how the latest version now offers everything from SMS updates to Export VOEC number functionalities.

Mobile devices

The connections between OrderWise in your business as a whole, and the functionality of OrderWise on your handheld terminals (HHTs) is only getting stronger. In version 22.02 the HHTs will now be able to do much more with OrderWise than ever before. These new abilities include:

  • New Scan Pattern and Use Line Bins functionality
  • Scan selection limitation to variants present in specific purchase orders
  • Enhanced search functions that allow searches across all currently synced stock locations

To learn more about what the Android HHT integration can do for you and your business, read the v22.02 release notes, or learn more from our HHT solutions page.


In OrderWise version 22.02 a single new and specific addition has been made to the returns module. The Fed Ex Web Service integration now includes Return Pickup Option Request and Cancellations. Read here to learn more about the full range of this ability.


As part of OrderWise v22.02 several new improvements have been made to the Customer Questionnaires feature. These allow you to make specific inquiries after particular details when certain customers make certain purchases. By providing you with the ability to gain crucial extra information during the sales process, this system allows the addressing of all kinds of issues and the gaining of several different advantages. Be sure to read more about what this option can provide.

Discover more of OrderWise

Learn more about the full details of version 22.02 using our monthly release notes. There you can read about everything from new stock control options around individual variant unit quantities, system updates that can store information about cancelled back-to-back purchase orders, and the latest improvements to split-screen bank reconciliation. All this and more is available in OrderWise version 22.02.