OrderWise in April 2021 - v21.4

OrderWise v21.03

This April has brought the latest wave of OrderWise updates. Our teams have been hard at work building the latest suites of features to ensure your business is running smoother than ever. Discover more below about what you can expect to see in OrderWise v21.4 this month.

KPI Dashboards

OrderWise v21.4 now includes the new ‘My Dashboards’ feature. This allows the user to create and view their own custom KPI dashboards for any part of the whole OrderWise system, from a single location. They can be reached from a button that can be chosen to be always at the base of the screen, and they can be chosen as the user’s startup option if they so choose.

Keeping on top of your overall performance is vital for any business. That’s why in OrderWise v21.4 we’ve made it easier than ever.


In OrderWise v21.4 the new features integrated into accounts have all been focused on rebates and rebate agreements. The new features include the following

  • Overage style rebates
  • Trailing style rebates
  • The ability to pay rebates more frequently than the rebate period
  • Settings to prevent rebates from posting to the individual customer account

All these options lets you manage your accounting arrangements more precisely and more efficiently. These are always the central goals of OrderWise enhancements.

Online stores

Systems supporting ecommerce of all kinds continue to be a key focus of our developers. In OrderWise 21.4 expect to see the following new improvements:

  • Mega menu images – Second-level category menus will now be able to feature up to three images with links to specific pages
  • Discount percentage options – When you add a percentage-based discount on product level promotions, you will be able to chose whether the discount will be added ‘from final price’ or ‘from RSP’
  • Multi-saver discounts – In OrderWise v21.4 you will now be able to arrange multi-saver discounts of the kind “Buy X, get Y for Z!”
  • Audit trail improvements – A new audit trail feature is accessible from the utilities section. You can filter and search any and all changes made to the site.

With all these systems, managing your online store becomes even easier than ever. That is the kind of simplicity that OrderWise offers.

General enhancements

Sometimes there are new enhancements that reach across specific system lines. The following fit into that grouping. In OrderWise v21.4 expect to see the following

  • New abilities to configure custom barcode schemas at the product level
  • Deploy specific pick rules to a particular marshalling area
  • Expanded questionnaire builder, allowing individual records to have multiple questions and each question having the options of numeric, date, text, or multiple choice answers.

Ongoing optimisation

With OrderWise v21.4, OrderWise continues its unending quest towards ongoing optimisation. We listen carefully to each and every one of our 1,000+ clients to find the best ways to build the best system so your business can be the best it will ever be.

That’s why we’re also including new improvements about putting weekends in manufacturing work order planners, new logging procedures for Android WMS, integrating VAT relief declarations into sales orders, and much more.

Discover the full power of OrderWise with v21.4.