OrderWise 20.8 is out now

OrderWise 20.8 is out now

OrderWise 20.8 is out now!

Sun, sea, sand, and software. August 2020 sees the release of OrderWise v20.8 complete with a range of new updates, advanced adjustments, and considered changes. All to keep your business moving with optimal efficiency.


In the latest update, the accounts module now features a “reverse transaction” button in the bank account history grid, making it even easier to rearrange transactions and deals as and whenever necessary.

API updates

The latest version of OrderWise now allows both customer returns and sales pricing to be arranged through the API.

BI Alerts

The BI Alerts module is newly fitted with several extra features, including:

  • Notifications for when an open record on your CRM that features no planned activities or associated tasks
  • An alert for when a task on your CRM is overdue by a specified number of days

All ideal for keeping track of every last part of your CRM to ensure everything that needs attention is is taken care of properly.


To get your products, tools, equipment, and any other materials moved faster and more efficiently, OrderWise v20.8 contains the following features:

  • Full breakdowns of kits, enabling you to see every component and tool available
  • Drop priority selection, allowing you to adjust orders sent by the transport and routing module to factor in specific priority deliveries

If you use eBay or Amazon as part of your ecommerce platform options, you will be pleased to know that OrderWise v20.8 includes several new features in these areas, including:

  • Percentage options for stock reserve
  • Scheduling systems to refresh your listings
Payment Portal

As of v20.8, OrderWise now supports Stripe as a payment method via the payment portal. Another strand of utility that makes transactions through OrderWise easier and more universal than ever before.


To help you keep track of everything in the warehouse, OrderWise v20.8 offers A4 sized tote and trolley labels, complete with giant barcodes for ease of scanning and organising.

To learn more about what OrderWise v20.8 can offer you and your business, speak to our customer success team today.