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OrderWise 20.6 June 2020 Update

OrderWise 20.6

The June Tune-Up – OrderWise’s New Features

Sometimes engines get turbos and boosts and overhauls. Other times, they get refinements, tweaks, and tune-ups. For June of 2020, the OrderWise 20.6 update falls much more into the latter category. Expect a selection of subtle improvements and incremental adjustments to make your experience of using our system that little bit better.

Business intelligence alerts

Keeping track of the intelligence surrounding your business is what OrderWise is all about. That’s why this June we’ve updated our Business Intelligence module. The new alerts include:

  • More sensitive out-of-stock warnings for products with multiple variants
  • Alerts for certain products with year-to-date numbers failing in comparison to previous years
  • Alerts for lack of sales within specified date ranges
  • Alerts for the arrival of new products in specific date windows
Invoicing history

Being able to keep track of every last line of an invoice can be vital. OrderWise 20.6 will not only make this easier than ever, you will also be able to compare margins, double checking they are correct against previous invoices.


The logistics of moving around different amounts of an item as required, can become extremely complex. By using the Case Quantity fields in conjunction with other systems, the 20.6 release avoids difficult inefficiencies and ensures that you get the right amounts for the right items. You can ensure everything moves exactly where and when it is needed most.

Grace periods and dispute rationale

Sometimes customers have problems, and occasionally there are difficulties and disputes over payments and procedures. That’s why OrderWise 20.6 will have areas to input dispute reasons, and updates to the grace period processes.

Buying lists

Buying lists are a popular and versatile tool within OrderWise’s systems, which is why we’re enhancing them even further. Our June 2020 update means you’ll now be able to add additional buying lists to customer records, and variants of a given product added to a buying list can be automatically included.

Manufacturing variances

Manufacturing processes can produce subtle variations and differences that aren’t actually an issue. Many of these can be allowed without compromising the integrity of a product, which is why the June release will include new systems to allow customers to customise the instances of greater variance in quantities as needed.

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