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OrderWise 20.3 - our latest features

OrderWise 20.3 - our latest features

Make the most of March with our latest features in OrderWise 20.3

It doesn’t matter if your employees are working remotely this week… our developers are still working throughout the week to keep your software running at its best! Introducing OrderWise 20.3 – find out what’s new for March in Despatch, Purchasing, Sales and more.

Faster scanning using Pack Scan in Despatch

If you use Pack Scan, you can now skip the ‘Confirm Quantity’ step that comes after you scan an external EAN or GS1 barcode that contains a quantity in OrderWise 20.3. This allows you to scan items twice as fast to make the most out of your workday.

Payment and Purchasing updates

In the Payment Portal, you can now apply settlement discounts which allow customers to pay the settlement total instead of the invoice total.

In Purchasing, you can also distribute shipping costs on a line-by-line basis using a new grid in Purchase Order Shipping Methods. If you’re ordering items that come by air and freight, you might want to split the shipping costs between larger items and heavier items, dependant on the shipping method.

General updates for stock values and suppliers

A new line has been added to show historical free stock values on that variant against the usual variant usage line. This is a clear way to establish if sales have dropped in a particular month or week due to a stock shortage, meaning that you can accommodate better in the future.

Within purchasing, you can now search for your ‘Supplier part no’ against the supplier of the purchase order and other main suppliers. When searching for a variant within purchase order entry, if the code provided is a supplier part number, the main supplier and the supplier associated with the purchase order will be searched.

Only the main supplier will be used when searching anywhere outside of purchase order entry.

Calculate transformation costs in stock

A new tick box has been added in System Settings > Global > Transactions to calculate costs using the base unit quantity of a variant when transforming into multiple variants. This is calculated based on their respective number of base units.

New licenced feature for authentication

This month, we have brought in a new licenced feature that allows users to authenticate using Single Sign On with Microsoft Active Directory when logging into OrderWise. If you would like any more information on this, speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Updates to delivery rules, stock display and more in Sales

In Order Entry, you can now automatically apply delivery rules and disable individual sales by ticking a box in the Order Details tab. A system setting has also been added to Order Entry to change how free stock is displayed in a sales order.

In Customer > General, you can now select the Variant Unit Quantity in the price list grid of the individual quantity, not the pack size. This will allow a case of 10 to be sold at case price, but 10 singles to be sold at 10 times the single price.

You can also now use Variant Unit Quantities in Store EPOS.

Receipts, balance and chasing improvements in Advanced Credit Control

Customer receipts can now be added against a chase in Advanced Credit Control, and the ‘Overdue balance’ fields can now be included in chase queries. A user can also be set against the ‘Run chase cycle’ schedule service, meaning the user’s email settings will automatically be applied when a layout is output.

A handheld feature for Pharmaceutical customers

For handheld devices, a new tick box has been added to the Mobile Device User Group Settings called ‘Scan FMD adjustment type before variant’. An error is shown if the variant does not use FMD verification.