OrderWise 20.2 - New February Features

OrderWise 20.2

New February Features in OrderWise 20.2

We might be battling the wettest week of the year, but despite the downpours, we’ve been busy at OrderWise Head Office to bring you enhancements on our software. If your business is using Advanced Credit Control, Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing or Mobile WMS, you might be pleased to hear about what we’ve been working on in OrderWise 20.2.

Advanced Credit Control

Last month, we introduced the Advanced Credit Control feature to OrderWise. Since its launch, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a number of new enhancements so you can get the most out of our new addition.

New options to manage your chases

You wouldn’t want to chase your customers without good reason, which is why we’ve added three new system settings in Accounts > Sales > Credit Control to make managing your chases that little bit easier. The first setting is ‘Prevent generating chases for negative amounts’ which prevents you from creating chase letters for minus balances. The second is ‘Automatically complete fully allocated chases’ which automatically completes chases when the last invoice is paid. The third is ‘Require reason when completing chase’ which allows you to make a chase reason mandatory.

Import and export chase queries

To make chasing up your payments easier than ever, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to import and export Chase Queries. This will save you time on creating queries from scratch every time you need to send a chase. Just right click on the Chase Queries grid to get started.

View records from Chase History and Chase Activity grids

‘View Record’ and ‘Output Record’ buttons have been added to the Chase Activity and Chase History grids, allowing you to view these records easily.

New additions to Chase History forms

You can now easily view transaction splits within the Chase History form and mark a chase as disputed or resolved using two new icon buttons, allowing for better control of your transactions with fewer clicks.

Take an account off manual hold once a chase is complete

A new Chase Stage setting has been introduced that allows customers to be taken off manual hold once their chase has been completed. Just go into an active chase and tick “Take off manual hold when complete”.

Customer statements available in a chase

The full range of customer statement layouts can now be imported from the Chase form. This means that you will be able to view your chase letters and select the right correspondence for your customer. This is accessed via a new output button/dropdown list at the bottom of the Chase details form.


A new grid has been added in Manufacturing called ‘Sales Order Work in Progress’ to show sales orders and their corresponding works orders. This feature will be useful to users that manufacture to order and regularly receive sales orders containing several manufactured items.

To make use of this feature, visit User Group Settings > Manufacturing and select ‘Sales order work in progress’.

Mobile WMS

You can now generate and complete a transaction label for a bin move on the HHT to be printed using the task service or the user task service. To enable this feature, tick the ‘Use user task service in bin move’ in User Group Settings > Mobile Device > General.

The confirmation box that shows when completing a bin move can also now be disabled by unticking ‘Confirm movements’ in User Group Settings > Mobile Device > Stock Movement.


If you’re using our Sales module, we’re giving you some handy new tools to allow you to focus on what you do best – selling your products!

Amend a price in Quick Add

You now have the ability to edit a Customer Price List Line using Quick Add within a sales order. This means that you can override an existing price with a new one by typing into the variant. If a line is found with the same Quantity From and Quantity To, it will be updated with the new values you entered on Quick Add. If no match is found, a new line will be added. To make use of this feature, check ‘Amend existing lines’ in System Settings > Sales > Order Entry.

Highlight free stock cell if lower than quantity required

This is a handy addition in Sales to quickly spot whether the stock you need meets the amount of stock you have available in the warehouse. Having this feature turned on will highlight the relevant cell in the ‘Free stock quantity’ column in a bright colour if it doesn’t meet your available stock levels.

To activate this feature, go into System Settings > Order Entry > Orders and tick ‘Highlight invalid free stock’. In the Lines heading, you can also choose your desired colour of highlight.

Override global expiry dates for Payment Portal links

Need to dictate the expiry date for a payment link? You are now able to edit the ‘Expiry days’ field on the ‘Request Payment URL’ and the ‘Generate Payment URL’. To activate this feature, visit User Group Settings > Payment Portal and tick ‘Allow override of expiry dates’.

To Purchase Report

One of our Purchasing features has also seen some helpful enhancements in OrderWise 20.2.

Quickly view your line cost and supplier notes

You can now pull a column into the first grid that contains the ‘Line cost’ – the quantity multiplied by the cost for that line. You will also able to pull through your supplier notes for quick reference. No activation is needed for this enhancement.

Reorder items that you might need more of

The reorder list can now be limited to only show items that are above their minimum stock quantity but below their maximum stock quantity. This means you will be able to see if there are items that are close to running out but haven’t shown up on the To Purchase Report. This will appear as a new checkbox on the reorder list.

This option is also available in the reorder section on ‘To Transfer Report’ and ‘Purchase Order Entry’.

That’s all for our February enhancements in OrderWise 20.2. You can read the full release notes here. If you have any problems using these new features, our friendly Technical Support team are on hand to help on 01522 704083 or support@orderwise.co.uk