OrderWise 20.1 - A January boost with new features

OrderWise 20.1

Need a jump-start this January?

If you’re using our Accounts, Stock, Manufacturing, Returns or Mobile WMS, we’ve introduced brand-new features and enhancements in OrderWise 20.1 to make these first few weeks back at work that little bit easier.

More stock in the warehouse when you need it most

If you’re using the Variant Stock Location form to generate your minimum/maximum stock levels, you can now include an additional percentage on top of the generated calculation in OrderWise 20.1. This will allow you to have more stock in the warehouse for the times when you think you’ll need it!

Also in Stock, you can now exclude direct orders from stock usage figures to remove them from your forecast minimum/maximum stock levels and the resulting purchasing reports.

Change revisions in Manufacturing

We’ve introduced a ‘Change Revision’ button in the Work In Progress grid for OrderWise 20.1, meaning you can change revisions individually or by selecting multiple works orders.

Pick from multiple stock locations on your HHT device

If you have the same bin/barcode in multiple stock locations, you will be pleased to hear that you can now pick across multiple stock locations using the same barcode! A button has been added on the HHT device in the ‘Bin’ variant which enables you to select a stock location to reallocate the pick to. You will need to select the ‘pick across multiple locations’ option in the User Group Settings to enable this feature.

Advanced Credit Control has arrived to the OrderWise suite

We are also excited to announce the introduction of Advanced Credit Control which will automate process flow and prevent you from wasting time and money on manual admin jobs. This is a licensed feature, so you’ll need to speak to one of our Customer Success Managers if you’re interested in using it. The details about this exciting new feature will be coming to the OrderWise blog shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Manage the intricacies of your accounts

You can now reverse posted bank payments/receipts within the Bank Payment History grid by selecting ‘Reverse Transaction’ in the top panel. To activate this feature, you must enable the existing User Group Settings for reverse transactions.

A new system setting is available within ‘Accounts > Sales’ to show grouped payment on part-allocated invoices. If this setting is left turned on, the system will continue to work as normal, where part-allocated receipts will post as two transactions in the Bank Reconciliation form; the allocated part being posted as a sales receipt and the unallocated part being posted as a payment on account. If this feature is turned off, part-allocated receipts will post as a single transaction type.

If you use Inter-ledger Contra transactions, the system will now include Inter-ledger Contra IDs and customer/supplier account numbers against your transactions. A new column can even be added to grids to show the IDs of the Inter-ledger Contras transactions and where they are allocated.

Also in Accounts, a button for Dispute/Resolve Invoices has been added to the Credit Control form.

Stop losing track of your returned warehouse stock

Having full traceability of your stock has never been easier with our latest upgrade to Linked Returns. If you have despatched a batch traced item to a customer and they’ve returned it to your warehouse, the linked return will now automatically pull through the original batch number of the item.

That’s everything for January’s release! Don’t forget, our Technical Support team are always on hand to answer any questions relating to these new features, as well as anything else you might need a hand with. Read the full release notes here. Contact the team on 01522 704083 or enquiries@orderwise.co.uk