Empowering customers with mobile technology

mobile technology

The integration of mobile and handheld technology and has become a crucial component for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency, productivity and overall operations. 

But how has Orderwise empowered its own customers with mobile technology?

Accelerating warehouse operations 

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, a prominent Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider, recognised the need to modernise their warehouse operations. In 2021 the business implemented Orderwise's mobile warehouse management devices, which played a pivotal role in boosting productivity within their warehouse. Alastair Fell, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of Mosaic, attested to the impact, stating, "We've seen massive efficiencies within the warehouse. Our pick rates have doubled, and pack rates have increased massively."

These handheld mobile devices made tasks such as stock tracking, barcoding, picking, packing, and order fulfilment significantly easier and quicker. Marcus Goodhead, Stock Admin Supervisor, emphasised their effectiveness, "Picking with the hand-held scanners is so easy. It's so easy to train people on, and it makes productivity a lot quicker. Scanning stock into locations, barcoding stock, picking, packing, and sending orders out is so much easier and quicker."

Enhancing traceability and efficiency 

Established in 1938, Mackays Ltd, a renowned manufacturer of preserves and marmalades introduced barcode-scanning technology into their warehouse, revolutionising their picking and manufacturing processes. Mark Thomson, Mackays' Financial Accountant, explained, "With Orderwise's handheld technology, all of our paper trail disappears. Our staff know how many we need, the stock location, and, as our jam comes off the manufacturing line, we can also use the scanners to then book the finished items into stock. It's just 100% slicker."

This technology not only streamlined their operations but also ensured compliance with regulations regarding batch and expiry-dated stock. It allowed Mackays to maintain a full audit trail of every item, ensuring accuracy and traceability.

Achieving efficiency and accuracy 

L&S Engineers, a supplier of spare parts to the construction and plant hire industries transitioned to a fully barcoded operation in 2015, implementing Orderwise Mobile Warehouse Management Devices. This move resulted in a 50% reduction in mispicks and enabled the business to handle high order volumes with ease.

Ian Shay, General Manager at L&S Engineers, emphasised the benefits, stating, "We now run a fully stock-controlled company, so we have a clear picture of which customer orders are currently outstanding. We run purchasing reports to determine what we need to order and can be much more proactive chasing outstanding items. All the information we need is at our fingertips."

Multichannel retailing made effortless 

Choice Shops Ltd, an online retailer, faced significant challenges in efficiently managing their growing business. However, with the implementation of Orderwise's handheld mobile warehouse management devices, their picking process was greatly enhanced, resulting in improved accuracy and cost reduction. Paul Evans, Network Manager at Choice Shops Ltd, noted, "We've got handheld scanners to help pick, and they have improved accuracy and sped up picking. In turn, this has helped reduce our costs as there are fewer returns and replacements issued."

Unlock the potential of your own operation

As these customer stories demonstrate, the integration of mobile technology and handheld devices through Orderwise empowers businesses to achieve remarkable efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, these customers streamlined operations, reduced errors, and positioned themselves for future growth. Orderwise continues to evolve alongside these businesses, supporting their quest for excellence and ensuring they stay ahead in today's competitive market. The future looks promising for these companies as they leverage mobile technology to drive success.