Manage Payment On Delivery Orders With New Mobile App Feature

Get to grips with payment on delivery with the new OrderWise mobile app feature

For businesses trading on-the-go regularly, there may be a need whereby payment is taken at a different time to when the order was initially raised. The common example where this is the case is upon delivery of goods or once services have been delivered. In these instances, it is vital that effective methods are in place for taking payments in the field and then accurately recording these payments against the right corresponding order.

Without the correct digital method in place to record payments against previously raised orders, confusion between staff or the mishandling of payments becomes more likely. This is particularly true if sales staff have taken the order initially, with payment then being taken later by a separate delivery person. The result of not having an easy method of recording payments against outstanding orders when out in the field means more room for error, such as customers being overcharged or payments logged against the wrong orders. This not only impacts the smooth running of accounting processes for staff back in the office, but can also lead to a reduction in customer satisfaction.

Record Payments Against Historical Orders

Already the OrderWise Mobile App allows users to utilise a wealth of data and functionality when trading with customers away from the office. Now further expanding the capabilities of the OrderWise Mobile App, this month has seen the introduction of two brand new functionalities to the application to further increase the accuracy and efficiency of the on-the-go trading process.

The first of these new features, users can now record payments on the OrderWise Mobile App against historical orders. This new feature provides convenience and greater accuracy as it enables the recording of a payment on Android which can be synchronised back to the main system to show it has been paid. This effective and streamlined process reduces the time it takes to record a payment and ensures the right payment is always recorded against the right order.

Produce Payment Receipts At The Right Place, At The Right Time

Following the payment being made, the second feature offers the user the ability to produce payment receipts once the order has been paid. Individuals now have the option to output an order receipt or quote receipt within the sales activity screen as a PDF, which can then be saved to the device to then email later or simply sent to a Bluetooth printer to hand over there and then. With these two new features, businesses using the OrderWise Mobile App can ensure payment handling is always processed correctly and a high level of customer service is delivered, helping to drive profitability.

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