Make May Amazing with new Features in OrderWise 20.5

OrderWise 20.5

We’re pleased to announce a range of new features covering everything from payment methods to shipping integrations.

All of which will make dealing with details easier, leaving you more time to focus on more important things. These are the new features of OrderWise 20.5.

Direct Debit Schedules, Processing, and Exports

The process of setting up a direct debit schedules within a customer record has now been greatly streamlined and simplified. OrderWise 20.5 enables you configure such schedules against customer records, using bank details. We’ve also provided a new ‘Generate Direct Debits’ form, in conjunction with the new ‘HSBC standard (direct debit)’ export definition. This means that OrderWise users will be able to export direct debits into a .CSV file format. With these new arrangements, an important payment method can be more easily managed than ever before.

Luckins Live Product Search

This new licensed feature integrates OrderWise with LUKINSlive, the UK’s largest source of building services product information. Users can use this to search and import Products, Variants, Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Variant Categories. This will work through ‘Product Search’ section, with the ‘Search Luckins Live’ button. You will also be able to use both Variant Templates, and Supplier and Product Defaults, as the base for imported records. A vital and valuable extra string to your businesses’s workflow, which we’ll be covering further in a blog post later this month.

New Courier Integration Features

The courier integration system within OrderWise has recently received some updates. These include the ability to move a collection date if its on a weekend or holiday with APC Hypaship, and the intigration of DHL’s API, allowing the easy generation of DHL labels. Parcelforce and Royal Mail integrations have also been updated, all to make the shipping solutions that little bit smoother.

Container Shipping Costs

This new feature helps you maintain a better understanding of your shipping costs, OrderWise has updated the way the system tracks Shipping Container records. You can now distribute shipping costs over all purchase order lines that have been assigned to a specific container. OrderWise is also releasing a new licensed feature as part of the accounts module to better organise shipping container invoices.

New Purchase Order Information

Purchase orders need to contain as much information as possible, which is why we’ve included three new fields into the import file template. These are “special instructions”, “supplier order reference”, and “authorised by”. Helping you keep track of every last stage of your business.