July arrives with new features in OrderWise

July 2020 has brought a raft of new software features to OrderWise including new BI Alerts

This July brings a selection of new enhancements to the OrderWise system, improving the process of streamlining your business even further.

The OrderWise 20.7 edition features all of the following new software enhancements:

BI alerts – missing postcodes and low free stock warnings

Ensuring you can keep track of postcodes in your records is vital. The OrderWise BI Alerts module now has a warning system to let you know if you don’t have postcodes in any of the following situations:

  • No postcode on a customer’s statement
  • No postcode on a delivery address
  • No postcode on a sales order

There are also new alerts to let you know when specific variants have reached zero or below in your available free stock.

Business intelligence – stock location filtering

To make sure you have all the information you need on demand, the Business Intelligence module can now use stock location as an enquiry filter.

Sales – Mandatory fields and product search

To make sure you never leave a sales file with missing information, you can now set a number of fields as mandatory, including customer profile source, customer status, and customer type. We’ve also built new features into the product search screen, letting you limit your enquiry to variants from just one particular supplier.

Purchase order – shipping method at container level

To help you to stay on top of your purchase order details, OrderWise 20.7 has updated its purchase order system. Shipping methods can now be included at the container level.

New integrations – accounts, couriers, and reports

At OrderWise, we’re constantly working to ensure our software can link up with as many useful systems as possible. That is why OrderWise 20.7 now includes all of the following new integrations:

  • Accounts – Braintree integration has been added for completing statement imports
  • Couriers – OrderWise now integrates with Noatum and DPD.ie
  • Systems – The Android version of the OrderWise Counter app can now be connected to remotely, and a new option lets you see orders in preview form

Here at OrderWise, we strive to make our software as perfect as we can for our users, and we hope you enjoy these enhancements! If you need any further assistance with these new tweaks, please feel free to contact our team for help on 01522 442062

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