How business software solutions innovate your operations

business software solutions

Learn why the right business software solutions can make your business more innovative

For businesses wanting to move forward, seeking innovative new approaches is always key. The best way to prepare for this is with the best possible business software solution.

But how can a single suite of programmes really do all this? How can one computer application make so much change to a company? Discover today why the best business software solutions can inspire real innovation in your company.

Total tracking

To know where and how to innovate, you first need to know where your biggest problems lie. By finding the slowest or least efficient portions of your business’s processes, you can understand where the innovative focus needs to be applied. This is what the best business software solutions can offer; the ability to track in totality every aspect of your business operations.

Interconnected systems are more efficient because time will not be lost making one piece of software talk to another (the removal of rekeying is a clear example of this). But while speed is important, what is almost as valuable is discovering where slowdowns are hiding. With the ability to track every stage of every process in your business, you can see where innovation is needed.

Can your digital infrastructure identify how fast different warehouses work to get different products out the door? Does your performance tracker understand which office, which team, and which individual picker is working the fastest or slowest? Do you know what particular items are bringing in the most profit? Which items are spending the least/most time in storage?

All these factors, and many more besides, can be tracked and traced using BI Alerts, stock control, WMS, and all the other aspects you can expect to find in the very best business software solutions.

With this kind of intelligence, you can target your innovation resources accordingly As the expression goes, “knowing is half the battle” and with the best business software solutions, your business can know exactly where innovation is needed most.

Simplified systems

Simplicity is something every business wants. The easier you can make it to do your work, the faster it gets done, and the more business you will likely have. But as your operations get simpler to manage, your business doesn’t just grow. It has the opportunity to innovate.

With the right business software solutions for your operations, whether you need greater control of your stock and warehouse, or the ability to make accurate forecasts for the future, all the component parts of your business will be simpler and easier to manage. With more minds able to pour over an easy-to-grasp business intelligence interface, there is more potential for business-changing ideas. A single-screen where future forecasting and current KPIs can sit side by side in an easy to read format. That is what the best business software solutions bring to the table.

If your marketing team has simple and easy access to your CRM, they can understand when, where, and how communication drops off, and thus readjust their messaging accordingly. Other CRM systems might contain the right information, but they won’t organise it to reveal the patterns and trends you need to know and the chances to innovate could be lost.

If your warehouse team find it simple to track team performance, they may notice workload patterns more quickly, and move shifts around to put more staff when extra demand is expected. A more complex interface may contain the right information, but unless it’s presented simply, it could stay buried in the database. Simple presentation of trends let businesses be proactive rather than merely responsive. This is what the best business software solutions can offer.

While ultimately it is the business leadership team who makes the final decisions, by equipping more team members with an understanding of your operations, you make innovation an inevitability. Leaders can draw on the experience and intuition of a team that is informed holistically. Specialists in particular areas can better understand the whole, and give nuanced advice on what can and cannot sharpen your processes, whether helping your sales team maximise profits or rearranging your warehouse for your best selling products for even faster picks.

This is why the best business software solutions are so essential. Not only do they simplify many operations with streamlining, but they also propagate a wider understanding on the needs of the business across your team.

Targeted testing

Innovative ideas are only as useful as the systems available to test them. Monitoring their effects, understanding outcomes, and informing any potential plans to implement any new directions more widely. This is exactly what the best business software solutions can offer to every area of your business.

With a system that can both monitor every aspect of your business’s operations, the effects of any changes you make can be fully understood. Whether it is an internal test examining if specific models or policies improve efficiency, or if it is external trials looking to see if new approaches to customers drive more sales. The right business software solution will offer you the options to do both of these in any way you see fit.

An excellent example of the value of testing can be seen with credit control. With a business software solution that is both fully integrated into your CRM and your accounting software, you will be able to test the effectiveness of different styles of invoice follow up communication. Your system can be programmed to send reminders more often, or the reminders can even go before payment deadlines are reached, to keep things friendly. You can even differentiate between clients of different kinds, selecting the specific language for longer-term clients, recently added clients, or clients with long histories of delayed payments.

By testing out different styles of credit control action, with your accounts software and CRM software working together to monitor everything, your business can learn how best to manage its credit control. A vital feature, given that recent evidence found UK SMEs are owed on average £25,000 in unpaid invoices.

The right kind of business software solution makes testing more powerful in two vital ways. First, the right software makes the process of experimentation much easier, allowing it to happen more quickly, more often, and produce more data in the process. Second, the right software makes the presentation of data at end simpler and easier for a wider pool of employees to understand. With clear dashboards and tailored KPI measurement, more understanding of the results will follow, making more innovative responses are far more likely. To get the most possible innovation out of your staff, you need the very best in business software solutions.

Implement innovation today

Discover how your company can make use of the kinds of business software solutions that can unleash the true innovative potential of you and your staff. With OrderWise, you can keep total track of your operations, make simple sense of all your systems, and run targeted tests of all your ideas. Talk to one of our customer success managers to learn more.