Four Ways to Spice up Your Business Content

Making business content entertaining

Making business content entertaining can be a challenging task, especially now people are at home and reading more online articles than ever.

You want to keep your content relevant while not repeating what every other business says, as well as keep it entertaining and informative to create some engagement. Balancing all these things can be tricky, which is why it helps to break out of routine and put a fresh spin on things once in a while.

To help you accomplish a content refresh, consider these four ideas:

1. Talk to your staff

While companies like to have their C-level employees talk for them in public, it isn’t always relevant for your day-to-day customers. Instead, find a member of staff who works a little closer to your audience and get their perspective on things in a face-to-face interview. You can then transcribe their words into a piece of content that will resonate with your audience.

Do your best to include any interesting turns of phrase and relatable quirks of the moment that come up in interviews. This creates a more human tone of voice that readers are more likely to engage with. Think about how glossy magazines interview actors – they write in their jokes and emotions because they provide good flavour!

2. Create powerful debates

Content that discusses two or more opposing options within your sector can be fairly run-of-the-mill. But, as Apple proved with its various Mac vs PC advertising campaigns back in the early 2010s, forming actual dialogue works well to draw out key points.

As with interviews, framing your content using real conversation provides a personable style of writing with more variation in tone. So again, transcribing the words from a debate is a fantastic way to play it out to your audience.

If you create debate content on the regular, you may even want to consider developing characters who discuss topics frequently, and have tones of voice and particular verbal ticks that accentuate certain aspects of their personality. This kind of creative dynamic can turn your blog into much more than just a means to hit SEO goals.

3. Pinpoint your audience

Trying to make your blog appeal to the masses has significant drawbacks. By seeking to not alienate any potential readers, you could find yourself alienating yourself. It’s better to accept that some sections of your blog will not cater for everyone, and that’s OK! Break your content down into sections so you can target the right audience with specific content and add tags and headings so your readers can navigate easily.

4. Implement a strategy

To make the most of your content, it’s always best to have a strategy in place. For example, OrderWise Marketing allows businesses to create automated marketing campaigns to reach the right audience, boost customer engagement, generate new sales and maximise ROI. Whatever method you choose to push your content out there, it needs to be robust enough to make your content shine in a saturated market!

So, why not give it a go?