Five reasons to offer same-day delivery

same-day delivery

Offering same-day delivery can seem a daunting prospect, but there are many good reasons to do so.

Whether you call it customer impatience or high expectations, the demand for rapid delivery solutions is growing. B2B or B2C, companies like Amazon, Next, and Ocado have made next-day delivery a standard customer expectation. If next-day is the standard, same-day is the premium. More businesses are working to make it possible for delivery times to measure in hours instead of days. If you’re asking “why” here are the answers:

1. Convenience is a major part of your branding

Branding isn’t just about logos, tagline, and image; it’s about what you promise the customer. While M&S is a market leader in selling high-quality food products, some businesses market themselves as quick and convenient sellers, like Amazon with its Prime subscription service. If your business’s brand promise is about speed and convenience, same-day delivery can really enhance that feature.

2. You offer something for a special occasion

For some items, the delivery day is very important. It isn’t enough to have an item ready and waiting, as it needs to come through the door on a specific day, and where possible, a specific time. For gifts and flowers, over 40% of online shopping baskets can be abandoned when same-day delivery isn’t an option at checkout. If you are selling something that often needs to come on a particular day, such as a birthday or anniversary, same-day delivery will keep you ahead of your competitors.

3. You offer necessary supplies

There are several products offered by online businesses that are essential for the functions of other businesses and households. Everything from printer toner and ballpoint pens to dog food and cereal bars can be forgotten on errand runs. When these items are needed, it’s often immediately, and one missing component can send a whole host of problems cascading. As a result, nearly 30% of office supply businesses see cart abandonment when same-day shipping isn’t an option. These kinds of services are essential when you’re selling essentials to someone’s daily world.

4. People want their impulse purchases now

Impatience can impact your sales to a higher degree when the purchases in question are more frivolous. In the B2C marketplace, products are often more of a luxury than a necessity, like in the fashion or electronics industries. These areas see nearly 25% abandonment when same-day delivery isn’t an option because customers want their impulse buys quickly.

5. You want to make a local name for your business

Serving a national audience with same-day delivery can be a hard task, but selling at a local level, a same-day option is much more realistic and valuable. Through your efforts, you can become known locally for reaching people quickly and conveniently. A reputation for expediency can be very valuable, and same-day delivery can make that happen.

For the best outcomes with same-day deliveries, an integrated courier system is a great option. Not only does it mean you can ship more simply, but it also allows your courier connections to become a streamlined part of your whole business. OrderWise provides a software module that can manage courier connections with dozens of major international shipping services. To learn more about what OrderWise can do for your business, talk to our team today.