Even Greater Pricing Flexibility With New Multiple Discount Groups

Even Greater Pricing Flexibility With New Multiple Discount Groups from OrderWise

Extending the already comprehensive discount and price list management functionality in OrderWise, this month sees multiple discount groups now added too.

When it comes to product pricing, particularly for those businesses selling B2B, managing complex discount structures can be a daily challenge. From quantity breaks and customer price lists to special offers and multisaver discounts, there can be a lot to consider when determining what price will be applied to a sales order. This then becomes even more complicated when customers end up qualifying for multiple active discounts at the same time.

Without the right structure in place to easily manage multiple discount groups, businesses can quickly find themselves running into problems. Customers can accidentally be charged more than they normally would for some items, leaving them dissatisfied and credits or refunds needing to be issued. Therefore, in order to help maintain good customer relationships and avoid any complications, it is important for businesses with complex discount structures to ensure they have the tools to manage these effectively.

Add customers and product variants to multiple discount groups with OrderWise

With OrderWise, businesses can already benefit from comprehensive pricing functionality that enables them to manage customer-specific price lists, quantity breaks, global order discounts, multisaver discounts such as buy one get one free and much more. Now adding even greater flexibility to how discount pricing can be managed in OrderWise, this month sees the ability to add multiple discounts to customer and variant records.

Once the relevant system setting has been activated, a new button within the variant form will give users the ability to add multiple discount groups to items. There is also an extra system setting to enable additional discounts to be assigned to a customer, with these able to be customised or temporary based on start and end dates. This means multiple discount structure lines will now be applicable when calculating sales prices, with the cheapest price the one that is then automatically applied to relevant sales orders by OrderWise.

With this great new functionality, businesses using OrderWise to manage their pricing can now easily apply multiple discount groups to product variants and customers. This ensures that when those customers go to place their orders, they always receive the best price.

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