Reshoring in 2024: What's the latest?

2024 reshoring report

The 2024 Reshoring Report is here

The 2024 Reshoring Report has arrived, offering crucial insights into the latest trends and benefits of reshoring for manufacturing firms in the UK. Over half of these businesses have started the process of bringing their supply chains back home. But what motivates this shift, and what benefits are companies experiencing? 

Our new report dives deep into the current state of reshoring in the UK and provides valuable guidance for businesses looking to take advantage of this growing movement.

Key takeaways

📍 Resilience through localisation

UK manufacturers are increasingly keeping operations closer to home to enhance supply chain resilience and mitigate risks. Discover the latest numbers coming out of the UK.

💼 Economic and employment impact

Reshoring is having a profound effect on local economies, revitalising communities through job creation and SME growth. Explore some of these success stories.

💻 Technological advancements

The adoption of advanced ERP systems and other digital tools is playing a crucial role in enabling manufacturers to embrace reshoring. Learn more about the tech driving change.

🛒 Consumer preferences driving change

UK consumers are showing a significant preference for locally made products. Discover exactly how these consumer trends are shaping the market.

What this means for your business

Reshoring is more than just a geographical shift; it's a strategic move towards a sustainable, stable, and responsive manufacturing model. The benefits of reshoring are clear and compelling, from reducing environmental impacts to improving product quality and response times. To lessen dependencies on unpredictable overseas supplies and adopt a more robust local supply chain, businesses need to prepare for the reshoring movement. The 2024 Reshoring Report not only offers valuable insights but also provides practical strategies for navigating and capitalising on these opportunities.

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Stay ahead of the curve and leverage the benefits of reshoring to enhance your business operations and support local economies. The future of UK manufacturing is here—be a part of it!