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What our customers say…

There isn’t a single thing, it’s a combination of many things. The integration between all areas of the business, the amount of information at your fingertips, the automation, the reduction in errors, the productivity gains. We couldn’t do what we’re doing now without OrderWise.

Ian Shay, L&S Engineers
Commercial Director

OrderWise has helped us set up, grow and properly manage a large warehouse department. The Despatch and Goods In modules provide all the relevant information quickly and easily.

John Spray , Countrywide Healthcare Supplies
Managing Director

I honestly don’t know how we’d manage our batch traceability without OrderWise. Any other system would just leave too much margin for error but our pick notes tells us to pick that particular product, of that batch, with that expiry date. So the warehouse staff can be 99.9% certain once they’ve picked it that the right batch has gone out.

Ben McKechnie, Epicurium

The relationship between the warehouse and stores has also improved massively. Using one system, it’s a lot easier to find the right stock at the right time, accuracy is a lot better and it’s easier to find the sales statistics for the week.

Callum Harrison, Gift Universe
Assistant Manager

OrderWise software plays a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, and this software is crucial in helping us provide that. We are also now using OrderWise to produce timed and targeted marketing campaigns, so there’s no doubt that this software will play a key part in our future.

Chris Illsley, Running Imp
Managing Director

As a company handling third party logistics we greatly benefit from data sharing with our customers and the ability to effortlessly show them any stock movements.

Alan Lewis, Promotional Handling Ltd
Managing Director

OrderWise has allowed us to streamline our manufacturing planning process. Now our Manufacturing Services Manager plans the next week or two weeks ahead, builds the BOMs and then everything else is completed on the shop floor by the workers – so it’s a whole lot slicker and more efficient.

Mark Thomson, Mackays
Financial Accountant

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