Real-time intelligence across your business

Unlock the potential of your data.



Turn your data into a tool
for change

A recent survey found 74% of employees feel unhappy when it comes to utilising data effectively. But how can you start using your data to drive change, maximise results and adequately plan for the future? 

Set and monitor 
targets to drive sales
Identify sales leakage 
and plug the source
Increase profits by
spotting missed sales
View data from 
multiple angles

Empowering business growth with data intelligence

Our comprehensive business data system provides invaluable insights into every facet of your operations, including sales, customer interactions, stock transactions, costs, margins, and much more. This wealth of data is a crucial asset for your company when used effectively.

OrderWise equips your company with the necessary tools to realise your ongoing goals. It empowers you with the knowledge required to streamline processes, enhance performance, and ultimately foster business growth.

"We used to spend hours every day putting various bits of data together to get the information I needed, now it’s so much quicker"

Andrew Ewens, Inventory Controller at Happy Pet Products

orderwise dashboards

Interpret business performance at a glance

KPI dashboards provide businesses with easy access to clear performance statistics, enabling the identification of areas for improvement and swift profitability analysis. 

Encompass a broad range of performance metrics, including credit values, deliveries, stock transactions, sales analysis. Users can tailor the dashboards to their preferences, share them on large screens for team visibility, and access them remotely via mobile apps. These dashboards encourage a proactive approach, aiding in sales maximisation, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and enhanced customer service. 

Deliver data like never before

In fast-paced trading environments, it can be difficult for businesses to see where their sales are being won and lost. With timing being everything, businesses need to not only have the information they need available, but also be able to automatically notify staff when something of importance arises in their data so that any potential sales opportunities can be fully maximised. 

This is made possible with the innovative OrderWise BI Alerts, allowing businesses to deliver data like never before, ensuring staff working both in and out of the office always have the information they need. BI Alerts offers a highly useful solution to help users address important sales activity as and when it arises.

bi alerts

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