Three reasons EPOS matters more than ever

EPOS matters

EPOS has become more important than ever before due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has made so many things so very different, especially the way we shop in brick-and-mortar establishments. High-quality EPOS (electronic point of sale) equipment and software integrations are more important now than they ever have been. To fully understand why, consider these three reasons why EPOS matters:

1. Contactless EPOS = Safer shoppers

Until COVID-19, contactless payments were just another level of convenience. Something nice to have, but not at all essential. An extra that made everyday retail transactions just that little bit faster.

With the pandemic, and the highly hygiene conscious world it has created, the ability to make contactless payments has taken on new importance. One less surface touched is one less contamination vector to worry about. With payment limits raised to £45 to make contactless payments even easier, the expediency of exchange is now also a more sanitised form of shopping, making it clear that EPOS matters for such precautions. With hygiene becoming an increasingly pressing factor for businesses and customers alike, any change that makes commerce cleaner is better for everyone involved.

2. Multiple EPOS = Quicker queues

The “six feet/two metres away” rule means that having a single point of payment in your store causes much more problems than it did before. All of a sudden you may find yourself with a snarling snake of increasingly impatient people. A snake that could be blocking the way to other parts of the store, where other customers want to browse.

With multiple masked sales assistants equipped with EPOS scattered around your store, queues can be controlled and reduced. Payments can be taken as and when wanted, rather than customers needing to stay in a long line, ever-conscious of their proximity to other shoppers. This way, the shopping experience becomes faster, better and safer for everyone.

3. Integrated EPOS = Overflowing orders

Much discussion around retail and B2C sales in the last few months has focused on ecommerce vs brick-and-mortar. With properly integrated EPOS, this doesn’t need to be a fight. Instead, they can work together in a multi-channel or omnichannel arrangement to make your business more profitable than ever before.

With proper software arrangements, your EPOS and ecommerce can be fully integrated. An item might be out of stock or unavailable in a certain size at your brick-and-mortar location, but a few taps on a touchscreen can reveal its availability at your warehouse. A few presses more, and a customer can pay at your EPOS to have it shipped to their home as soon as possible.

It’s clear that EPOS matters in our ‘new normal’ society, so why not consider an investment for your business? Make the most of every last customer visit, and ensure the brick-and-mortar shopping experience you offer is of the highest standard. Learn more about how OrderWise can help you integrate your EPOS with the rest of your wider business operations. Speak to our customer success team today on 01522 704083 or visit our multi-channel software page for more information.