Reflecting on peak performance

Reflecting on peak performance

As the post-Christmas and January sales peaks begin to fall, businesses are finally given the time to reflect on their performance over the last few months. It’s not just a measurement of sales figures, it’s a question of operational efficiency during the winter sales season.

  • Did your stock levels meet demand?
  • Did your lead times ensure orders were fulfilled on time?
  • What was your error rate?
  • Were the right promotions and discounts applied to the right customers?
  • Are you coping with the returns from this period?

Now, ask yourself, if you had complete visibility across all your operations and marketplaces, the most accurate forecasting possible and real-time data on your orders, stock levels and customer interactions – would you be looking at a better performing year?

Avoiding the pitfalls of peak periods

While the festive and New Year sales peaks should be an opportunity for businesses to boost their sales and orders, many still fail to fully maximise the potential of these periods.

Miscalculations and inaccuracies around forecasting, stock control and order details cost businesses a fortune every year. These inefficiencies cause under and over-stocking, late despatches and deliveries, as well as damages, poor customer service and warehouse carnage. With the market as competitive and as crowded as ever, you really can’t afford to take these risks.

Protecting profits through efficiency

Or perhaps, you think your winter sales period went as well as it could. However, with a fully integrated ERP system connecting all your business’s platforms, marketplaces and data, it could have been even better.

Companies that have already implemented ERP technology have seen business improvements across the year such as:

  • 80% reduction in admin
  • 200% business growth
  • 40% additional warehouse capacity
  • 300% increase in picking rates
  • 99% accuracy
  • 96% faster courier booking
  • 570% increase in monthly online orders

You can discover even more benefits here.

Making wise investments for your peak sales periods

The aftermath of the Christmas and New Year sales peaks are often the biggest motivator for businesses to make significant investments in their business. It’s the start of a new year and for most businesses, no matter how extravagant their growth plans, this means reflection and resolution to improve.

Implementing an ERP system for the first time or upgrading your existing one, is proven to provide a rapid ROI for businesses aspiring to upscale their operations.

However, the most important aspect of any ERP adoption is ascertaining a realistic timescale for the project implementation. Undoubtedly, a stressful or disappointing sales season that didn’t reach its expected or potential peak, will be a core driver for businesses to make investments to increase their profitability. But it’s vital that businesses remember, this is motivation, not a deadline.

Rushing any project implementation will not deliver the ROI you deserve. Forward-planning is key when investing in ERP and enhancing your peak performance, so start now.

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