OrderWise in September 2022 – v22.9

OrderWise in September 2022 – v22.9

September means many things – some more important than others. Summer is now over, a new academic year begins, we enter the first of four months whose numerical etymology has an off-by-two error, and OrderWise has released a new round of important improvements and evolving enhancements.

Our teams include talented technicians, diligent developers, tenacious testers, creative client consultants, and superlative software engineers. When they come together, they ensure that the feature list provided by our September round of updates is as impactful and efficiency-driving as possible. When businesses make use of either just some or the sum of what is on offer, extreme efficiency will ensue.

Delivery rules

The normal working of the delivery rules feature is the implementation of sets of pre-defined rules and procedures into your order management software. It means that specific delivery methods can be applied to orders at the order save stage or the ship stage, allowing for maximum possible cost-effectiveness, overall speed, or whatever other process elements you want to optimise your operation for.

As part of v22.9 the full scope of the delivery rules system has been expanded. You can now re-run these rules as part of the shipping stage, based on parcel size and quantities. This can help with selecting specific couriers as needed, when one shipment of several smaller items needs to be bundled into a larger object, or if it is less expensive to split one order into two parcels.

By using the delivery header and the pack parcel section, you can create new rules for your delivery processes as and when needed. All this and more is possible in version 22.9 of OrderWise.

Customer alert email attachments

For many businesses, email is a primary and vital artery of communication. While direct marketing is possibly the most obvious use case, everything from support advice to progress updates, maintenance instructions, recall alerts and many other functions can be delivered via this means.

With OrderWise, the customer alerts system allows you to implement specifically crafted rules to determine what is emailed to your customers and other important contacts. The system determines how often these emails go out, which subset of customers gets which content, and any number of other filters and determinations about correspondence your business might need to make.

In v22.9 OrderWise now expands that functionality to include email attachments also. Any file path or OrderWise layout can be added to the customer alert email, meaning any number of other means of communicating with customers, clients, or other important contacts can now be put in place.

Click and Collect

During the COVID-19 pandemic, click and collect moved from being a valuable tool into a necessary option. So many stores and services offered some equivalent of this functionality that lacking such has become negatively noteworthy.

With an OrderWise website, your customers can now select specific stores and determine a date and time to come and collect their purchases. An ideal option for any business using multiple branches. The collective convenience and ease factor is something more and more consumers are relying upon and expecting from businesses of all sizes.

In version 22.9 of OrderWise you can store this information in the Order Header Analysis Field. This will let you run reports to ensure what customers want to collect is ready and able to be taken.

Courier integration

With OrderWise v22.9 we have worked hard to continue expanding the connections between your software and your couriers. Seamless integration means no more rekeying, and much quicker order processing. This September the following new integrations are now available:

  • Ship Engine API – Courier integration
  • Huxloe Shipping via Magma Trading Label Portal API – Courier integration
  • DHL Express My DHL API – International Direct Feed – Amendment
  • TNT My TNT2 – International Direct Feed – Amendment
  • Advanced – DPD API International Direct Feed – Amendment


The speed and efficiency of a dedicated purchasing software module is always a valuable tool. This is why it has been a key component of the OrderWise software suite for many years. As part of v22.9 this area receives yet further enhancement, thanks to the expansion of the ability to batch edit purchase order lines in several different ways. As part of v22.9 you can now batch edit stock location and bin numbers after these fields have been added to the grid. An extra layer of efficiency to further accelerate overall business operations.

Discover OrderWise v22.9

Read more about what is on offer with v22.9 by viewing our release notes in full here. Or alternatively, discover more about the full capacity of the OrderWise system by speaking to a member of our customer success team. Learn what it really means to make full use of every process your business performs, by integrating them fully into a seamlessly sophisticated business management software solution.