OrderWise in November 2021 – v21.11

OrderWise in November 2021 – v21.11

In November 2021 the development and innovation teams at OrderWise have continued working hard on new improvements, adjustments, and enhancements. The ERP and WMS solutions we provide have only gotten smoother and more effective as this latest round of updates have been introduced. Discover more of what OrderWise can offer thanks to this month’s release of v21.11

Courier integration

OrderWise v21.11 includes a sweep of new features to ensure that the connection between your couriers and your business is as seamless as ever. The following connections are newly enhanced in OrderWise’s courier integration module this November:

  • DHL API International Direct Feed
  • FedEx Web Service
  • Royal Mail
  • DHL Americas API
  • Furdeco GSiT MDA API

To learn more about what these connections can do, you can read this month’s external release notes in full.


Proper purchasing processes are among the most important functions of businesses of every size and kind. This month, OrderWise v21.11 has included a whole sweep of new adjustments and enhancements to make that process even smoother. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A new selection of options for purchase order layouts
  • The ability to add selected supplier lines in purchase order entry
  • The means to cancel purchase orders in the Activity/History grids

Mobile devices

In OrderWise v21.11 our teams have continued to improve the way our software works on smaller devices. When using our software on handheld terminals (HHTs) the following new features are now available:

  • Bins can now be emptied by category order
  • GS1 barcodes can now be used without an EAN

Discover OrderWise v21.11

Discover much more about the latest version of OrderWise from our full release notes. See how the selection of items brought up here are just the start. We’ve also added additional efficiency to our questionnaire facility in the Sales module, new ‘Input Promised’ and ‘Required Dates’ elements in transfer reports provided by the Stock module, and new automatic operations for supplier returns.

Learn more about why OrderWise is used and trusted by hundreds of businesses across the UK, Europe, and beyond, by talking to one of our customer success managers. See what your business can do with the most sophisticated and streamlined business software suite available today.