OrderWise in March 2022 – v22.3

OrderWise in March 2022 – v22.3

As Spring starts, OrderWise continues to make sure that systems are further streamlined. With version 22.3, we see a new range of improvements, adjustments, and advancements to ensure that our business software solution is the best it can possibly be. Read on to learn more.

Mobile devices

OrderWise continues to improve and advance the ways our clients can use Android Hand Held Terminals. This month, the new features to make this process even better include, but are not limited to:

  • Stock movements without traceability
  • Distinguish between outbound serial numbers and EAN code
  • Use of external EAN quantities when pulling and placing
  • Transfers without outbound serial numbers

Courier integration

Ensuring your product moves smoothly out of your warehouse and into the hands of your customers/clients is a key aspect of OrderWise mission. In v22.3 we are including the following new developments in this field:

  • ‘Amazon Merchant Fulfillment SP-API – Local Direct Feed’ Integration
  • ‘DHL API – International Direct Feed’ Endpoint URLs
  • Override Courier PDF Application and Printers


To make sure each and every sale sails past as smoothly and easily as possible, OrderWise v22.3 includes the following new features:

  • Add a reason to price changes
  • Added customer default settings
  • Alternative pricing recalculation following a tax rate change
  • Payment method adjustments

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