OrderWise in July 2022 – v22.7

OrderWise in July 2022 – v22.7

Despite heatwaves and humidity hitting the UK hard, OrderWise continues with its optimisation and improvements. Our suite of ERP, WMS, CRM, and general business management solutions continues to evolve and develop. Allowing us to bring the best possible operational advantages to businesses of every shape, size, and variety.

Read on to discover more about what you can expect to see as part of v22.7. How OrderWise is bringing even more improvements to areas such as courier integration, sales, despatch, allocation, and more.

Android HHT

As warehouses continue to improve in technology, the picking equipment requires ongoing refinement. That’s why v22.7 continues to see new changes to improve the Android Hand Held Terminal version of our software.

This month, a new update allows for the trimming of trailing spaces from any barcodes scanned by Android HHTs. This adds a subtle layer of efficiency to the warehouse picking and packing processes.


Being able to both make and monitor purchasing actions quickly is of vital importance to any number of businesses. That is once again recognised in the enhancement offered by OrderWise in v22.7.

This month’s new features include a button to allow the user to select all the non-invoiced lines, and add them into a given purchase invoice. This action will include discounts, surcharges and shipping costs which have not been invoiced. All these will be added to the invoice also with a single press of a button.


Every check and re-check might be valuable for ensuring accuracy before delivery, but any way to make that entire process more efficient will always be valuable. That’s why despatch is another area that OrderWise has worked to enhance as part of v22.7.

From this month onwards, OrderWise now offers the ability to enter a component variant code into the Pack Scan form. This lets you scan individual components, rather than the entire kit variant. An extra level of efficiency to keep despatch moving quickly.

Courier integration

OrderWise is always hard at work every month to ensure the connection between your business and your couriers is as smooth and seamless as possible. July 2022 is no exception to this process.

This month, in addition to specific streamlining on two different DHL APIs, OrderWise is now fully integrated with the Pall-Ex Nexus API. This further widens the range of couriers on offer, ensuring your business has every possible option when it comes to the important question of courier choice.


Closing deals and making sales are so often the most key aspect of a business’s front-line processes. That’s why these are very much a central focus when it comes time for OrderWise to look to update itself every month.

Continuing our tradition of giving users a wide range of options, July 2022 sees OrderWise integrating yet another payment processing system. V22.7 now includes integrations with the Fiserv Chip and Pin system.

Two notable updates include the new inclusion of stock location as part of the delivery rules arrangement. This allows delivery rules to update the stock location against applicable sales order lines.

Discover OrderWise v22.7

To learn more about the latest version of OrderWise, you can read our newly available release notes. There you can see how we’ve changed the allocation system to support smallest transaction quantity options, and how our returns system has been updated to redirect users from making refunds raised in specific sub-optimal ways.

See the full range of how committed OrderWise can be to creating the very best in business management software solutions. All to make your enterprise even more enterprising amidst a challenging season and difficult times.