OrderWise in January 2023 – v23.1

OrderWise in January 2023 – v23.1

2023 has begun! A new year of potential, possibility, and progress. With the help of the ERP and WMS software suite supplied by OrderWise, there is one other P that can be added to that list. Prosperity. Over 1,300 businesses in the UK and beyond use OrderWise on a daily basis because they know that their business runs smoother with support from our software. Software that is updated and enhanced every month. Read in full here what is on offer this month. To see some of the highlights, read on.

Courier integration

A regular feature of the OrderWise upgrades has nearly always been the way they enhance and update the connections between your automated WMS and the range of couriers that operate all around the world. This month, OrderWise has further expanded its courier integration functionality with the following new additions:

  • AGL Clearview API – Direct feed
  • GFS Enterprise API – International Direct Feed
  • DPD Poland – International Direct Feed
  • GLS Poland ADE WebAPI2 – Direct Feed

Android HHT

The use of hand held terminals (HHTs) has huge potential for warehouses of all kinds. Accuracy, efficiency, and overall operational speed can be hugely improved with deployment of this latest technology. In v23.01 of OrderWise, the ablity to quarantine certain stock has been improved.

With the ‘Allow quarantining’ User Group Setting enabled, a quarantine checkbox is added when pulling and placing stock, allowing the User to specify the quarantine status of the stock being pulled and placed. The ‘Offer standard quarantine reasons’ and ‘Force standard quarantine reasons’ User Group Settings control if the User is offered to use the system quarantine reasons, or is prevented from using any reason other than the system reasons.

Sage 50 2023 integration

The latest version of Sage 50 is now fully and seamlessly integrated with OrderWise. This allows your business to be even more confident in your overall operational transparency, as any part of your operation that uses Sage 50 is now completely up to date and fully interlinked with your OrderWise operations.

Discover OrderWise in 2023

Learn more about how OrderWise can benefit your business in the form of ecommerce sales rep report acceleration, better invoicing procedures, new online store options, and much more besides. Read our release notes in full here, or talk to our experts today. Be part of the WMS and ERP revolution today, so you can reap the benefits tomorrow if not sooner.