OrderWise in December 2021 – v21.12

OrderWise in December 2021 – v21.12

December might be a special and distinct month in many ways, but in one important way, it is like every other month. It features another round of important updates, enhancements, and innovations in the OrderWise software suite. Read on to discover how v21.12 of OrderWise rounds out the year with a selection of improvements to accounts, courier integration, purchasing, returns, and much more.

Courier integration

In version 21.12 OrderWise continues its ongoing work to make the connection between your business and the companies that move your goods around as seamless and streamlined as possible. Below is a list of the companies that your OrderWise courier integration module will better connect with, thanks to v21.12

  • DPD API International
  • FedEx Web Service
  • Metapack V3 International Direct Feed
  • UPS Worldship

These updates include options for parcel collection dates, exporting parcel dimensions, and the removal of special characters.


OrderWise is continuing in its efforts to give our clients every possible accountancy functionality you can think of. In version 21.12 several new capacities have been deployed, including – but not limited to – the following:

  • Ignore weekends and holidays for grace periods as part of settlement discounts
  • Ignore disputed invoices when calculating credit terms
  • An override functions for the on-hold customer setting, which allows for the setting of an expiry date


Ensuring the best possible purchasing potential for your software is another key component of OrderWise v21.12. This includes the following new options:

  • A quick add function to allow the adding of new variants in purchase orders from within the purchase order section itself.
  • A supplier contracts system that can now be added directly to the supplier record, and can be displayed and accessed within a purchase order.


Returns are something many businesses need to avoid as much as possible. But when they do happen, making them as smooth and simple as possible is exactly what v21.12 makes possible. The new means to do this include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Questionnaires as part of the returns process
  • Linked returns added for multiple return orders
  • The ability to copy media codes on orders raised via linked returns

Discover OrderWise v21.12

This December discover how OrderWise has built the next generation of its WMS/ERP solution for your business. Read our release notes in full to see how other changes like sales transaction allocation alterations, variable usage forecasting updates, and new store EPOS features all come together to make OrderWise even more efficient and effective.