OrderWise in April 2022 – v22.4

OrderWise in April 2022 – v22.4

April may be ambling away, but OrderWise has not let the shower-filled season slow us down. Our business management software suite continues to be a powerhouse to engineer extra efficiency for your company. The latest update, version 22.4, is no exception. Everything from invoicing to reports, sales, and stock control has seen some level of adjustment and improvement. Read on to learn more about some of the more outstanding highlights this latest update has to offer.

Mobile devices

The seamless integration between the OrderWise software and handheld terminal hardware continues to improve and advance. The following selection of new enhancements make using OW on an HHT ever more efficient.

  • Tote inspection transaction details are now included in the order line description from the related sales order
  • Bin numbers and quantity are now visible in the trolley within Move Stock v2
  • Viewing the pickline details displays the current quantity of each transaction allocated.
  • Courier totes can now only be added to a delivery if the Delivery Method or Courier used match the Delivery Method and Courier specified against the tote


OrderWise understands the importance of making each and every last sale count. To ensure every aspect of the process involved here is as seamless as possible, the following latest updates have been included in OrderWise v22.4.

  • OrderWise is now integrated with Opayo Version 4.00
  • Order line references are maintained when converting quotes to orders
  • Stripe payment methods will use the Stripe payment inlets system


OrderWise is committed to ensuring your business has the deftest despatch design ever developed. That tradition continues in version 22.4 with a range of new improvements to keep everything even and easy as the rubber meets the road.

  • Check parcel weight on save and ship
  • New filters can be applied to filter order lines when applying pick rules to orders and generating picks
  • Updates to ensure sales order dates and run assignments can be controlled and assigned more independently.

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