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Make a brighter business with April features

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The sound of birds chirping and lawnmowers springing back into action is certainly the calling of sunnier days ahead. We hope our new April enhancements will free up more of your time to spend in the garden, as well as brighten up your business operations during a particularly unusual time. Here’s what’s in store for OrderWise 20.4.

Enhanced HTML options for all users

New options have been added to ‘User Output Options’ that allow users to output HTML from a file and compose HTML in the email body, even in preview mode!

Big changes in Transport Management

Our sales module has seen a number of enhancements this month, but the biggest is the new ability to select a time slot on a sales order for transport management. This controls the visibility of the ‘Limit Time Slots’ grid within Delivery Routes, as well as the ‘Assign Time Slot’ button in Sales Orders and Returns, and the ‘Order by Time Slots’ button on the route planner.

Additionally, a new child grid has been added to the Delivery Routes grid that allows you to limit specific time slots to a route. A new button has also been added to the drop-down in Delivery Address that allows you to select a time slot available for that particular route.

This information will also be displayed on the Android POD app.

Three times a charm in Courier Integration and API

We are very excited to announce three new courier integrations this month with MHI, GFS Enterprise and MyTNT2.

If you’re an API user, we’ve created three new end points here, too! The first accepts a body containing multiple report parameters, the second accepts a layout ID, and the third accepts a report ID and returns a list of parameters to run the report.

There is also a new feature in API that accepts an order ID and performs an auto-allocation, in the same way that pressing the ‘Auto Allocate Order’ button in a sales order works!

New in Accounts and Invoicing

The ‘On Hold Grace Period’ setting has been updated, so you can now place a customer on hold after the additional number of grace period days has been exceeded. You can now also output a Remittance Note in Purchase Ledger History – just click the new ‘Output Record’ button to get started.

Over in Invoicing, we have two new developments for OrderWise users. The first one is a new button called ‘Edit Item Price’ which can be used to alter the price of an item in a highlighted sales order line. The system will also recalculate gross or net price totals, add an audit trail and amend credit values for customers.

The second is a new tab for Invoice History on the Generate Invoices grid. You will be able to view the previously invoiced details for the Customer and Variant of the line to invoice over the selected date range.

Keep on top of profit margins and direct orders in Sales

If you won’t be using the new transport feature, you might be more interested in our enhancement on pricing that shows a warning when a user tries to sell below the minimum price. This feature applies to manual price changes within sales order entry only.

We’ve also made a development that allows direct and back-to-back orders to be placed when using POS to enter a sales order. This will be a huge time-saver for users and get those orders processed much quicker than before.

That’s all for April! Be sure to keep an eye on our FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter for our latest updates.

Finally, we wish all of our customers the best in health and happiness during this unprecedented time.