How pay-by-volume software works with Brightpearl pricing

Brightpearl pricing

Brightpearl pricing could limit your business growth

The model of Brightpearl pricing and software is designed to work well for SME retailers. With flexible monthly payments by volume, SME’s can use the smaller initial payments as a way to manage their current software requirements. As businesses expand to a certain point, however, they may find they hit a software ceiling and experience mounting costs. Whether you’re an SME or an expanding operation, here’s what you need to know about Brightpearl pricing and software.

How does Brightpearl pricing works?

As Brightpearl charge on a volume per month basis, the pricing structure can prove helpful for smaller to medium-sized retail businesses. Especially when they are only wishing to pay for a solution that covers their current and near-future requirements.

The standard ‘Brightpearl Order Management Solution’ has a five-user limit. Also, a five sales channel limit and a cap of 1500 orders a month. It offers capabilities for order, purchasing and supplier management, as well as retail accounting, CRM and reporting features. With this arrangement, Brightpearl pricing provides smaller retail businesses with a solution to handle their general, straightforward management dilemmas.

Where can Brightpearl pricing mount?

A Brightpearl solution can scale for your requirements. But, as a result of your increased usage, the pricing model also adjusts to match. Beyond the five-user, five-channel and 1500 order limit, the tally of pricing can quickly climb with many chargeable optional extras. These ‘optional’ functionalities can also prove to be essential for your business as you evolve and expand your operations.

Does Brightpearl have expensive optional extras?

You can increase your capabilities for the size of your business. But, you also increase your solutions package to Brightpearl’s next tier of pricing.

You cannot gain access to features like POS and workflow automation and until you advance to this increased tier. Plus, even then, there are yet more optional extras to consider. The entire warehouse management system, as well as many parts of the bill of materials, assemblies, inventory planning and more, are not included as standard.

For integrations, Brightpearl offers good connections with Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon and shipping providers. However, as soon as your business needs custom integrations for the likes of Magento, QuickBooks, Xero and WooCommerce you will find the costs mount again.

Additional bridging solutions required

Even with these optional extras, businesses that are growing their operations can find the software may not be able to meet all the extra requirements their business creates as it expands and changes. Some businesses even find they need to look elsewhere for supplement software to plug the gaps, causing ever-rising management costs. The result can be a mismatched ‘patchwork’ of solutions that struggle to work cohesively. The cost of which, ultimately, can end up being greater than paying outright for an all-encompassing solution.

What is the alternative to beat Brightpearl pricing?

Brightpearl can be a fantastic solution for SME’s. But, what was once the perfect fitting solution can quickly begin to rack up excess costs. It can struggle to bridge your solution needs as your business grows and evolves. If you’re finding the cost of Brightpearl pricing is mounting for your business as you expand, it might be time to transfer to a provider like OrderWise.

Your business needs a flexible payment options

Unlike other SaaS and monthly fee software providers, with OrderWise pricing you pay a fixed amount to own your software. We have designed OrderWise to provide a future-proofed solution. So, you know your software investment will stay with your business for years to come.

For all our new customers at OrderWise, we are sure to provide a full breakdown of pricing. This includes all of our services, training, implementation and project management. There are also financing options available, and monthly payments can spread over 3-5 years if your business prefers. Our team can work closely with your business from implementation and beyond to ensure your solution works for your operations ongoing. So, with help from our 200+ expert team, right here in the UK, you can accurately calculate all your costings and have a software partner that can support your business evolution.

Your business needs a seamless end-to-end solution

With OrderWise, instead of stopgap solutions, you can be safe in the knowledge that your software will shape to your business operations from end-to-end. Our award-winning ERP and WMS and grow and evolve in-line with your specific requirements, and come with all the modules and developments your business needs. Moreover, the OrderWise software integrations module offers seamless integrations with 50+ marketplaces and platforms, 60+ couriers, and even connects with your existing accounts software, whether Sage, Quickbooks, Xero or Access Dimensions.

Therefore, using just one flexible and scalable solution, you can manage every area of your business.

With our ongoing commitment to invest in further research and development for our software, you can trust your solution won’t become outdated. Our monthly software enhancements also come as part of the OrderWise solution. So, you can be sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest technology and industry requirements.

If you need more information

Finding the right pricing structure for your business is a big deciding factor for any software investment. For more information on the choosing best software pricing for your business, whether Brightpearl, OrderWise or another provider, you can contact our friendly team today, or visit the OrderWise website. In the meantime, you can keep up with all our latest news and articles by following OrderWise on socials!