How ERP solves three key issues for manufacturers

How ERP solves three key issues for manufacturers

With robust ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) you can maintain control over every aspect of your manufacturing operation. Discover how ERP can solve three key problems faced by manufacturers across the UK and beyond.

Balance speed and accuracy

Manufacturers constantly face two contradictory pressures – the need for speed and the necessity of accuracy.

Each last variant, invoice, component, and bill of materials must be noted, detailed, and recorded with abundant accuracy. Not only that, but it must be done quickly enough so that clients get everything they need as near to yesterday as possible.

Slowness means dissatisfied customers. Errors means angry former customers. Sluggish inaccuracies mean incomplete situational understanding. Without reliable overviews of materials usage and costs expended, margins will shrink while overheads grow.

Well-designed ERP solves this through automation. When solid software integrates your whole business end-to-end, every last process can be performed, tracked, and recorded without manual intervention. This accelerates everything while circumventing vectors of manual error. Speed and accuracy are balanced.

Better business intelligence

For optimal business decisions, you need complete operational clarity. This includes visibility of everything from your supplier situation to your processes positioning, equipment expenses, employee effectiveness, and much more.

This spells problems for balancing speed and accuracy. How do you track every last process without slowing it all down?

The answer is to integrate everything into one software system. When every operation interacts with a single system, you can learn, track, and understand all that your business does. When your whole process is visible through a single dashboard, you can make all your business decisions confident that you are as informed as possible.

An “at-a-glance” solution is the natural output of a strong ERP solution. Something every manufacturer needs.

Solving substitutions

Manufacturers understand the dangers of unstable supply chains. Global pandemics or canal closures are worst-case-scenarios. Even more simple and smaller scale issues can lead to frustrated customers and delayed delivery. When the right components aren’t available, flexibility is needed.

A well-calibrated ERP solution can help. Not only will it save time by automating much of the manual minutia your business normally faces, it also automatically offers component substitution suggestions, and implements them as needed. These can be triggered by low stock, slower suppliers, or any other pre-programmed trigger option you think is relevant.

That’s the beauty of a robust ERP solution. Automation is built around what you think you need, when you expect to need it.

If you’re ready to start exploring the possibilities for your business, speak to a specialist today.