Have you outgrown your ERP system?

erp frustration
ERP software has evolved significantly to become an integral part of how companies run a tight ship.

However, as your business grows, the inevitable may happen – your current system simply isn’t fulfilling your needs. But, as a business leader, how do you know when your organisation has outgrown its current ERP software? Reading this is probably your first sign, but there are several other factors that might have gone unnoticed.

Here are 6 signs you might have outgrown your current ERP solution:

  1. You aren’t sure if your business is compliant with all current regulations

If you aren’t sure whether your system is ensuring compliance with current regulations, then you’re exposed to risk. Regulatory compliance is a reality for businesses, and the reporting, auditing, and other visibility necessary to protect yourself is incredibly reliant on your ERP software.  If creating these reports requires specialised report configuration, it might be time to reconsider. Any modern ERP system is built with basic reports at their core, allowing all regulatory requirements to be tracked, monitored and maintained with full transparency and auditability.

  1. Your ERP system isn’t serving the full requirements of your business

Owning an ERP system that can only be upgraded every five years is not enough to stay competitive. Your system must be agile, and this can only be achieved with custom development or regular updates. If your current system can’t adjust or scale to additions such as new warehouses or groups of employees, it’s time to move on.

  1. You’re unable to utilise mobile or hosted technology

Older ERP systems were designed when mobility and flexibility were not crucial requirements for businesses. That means a lot of businesses are still stuck without the ability to utilise mobile devices without a hefty upgrade. Modern ERP software is equipped with mobile features that allow your business to run from any location at any time.

  1. Your operations struggle to keep up with the pace of your industry

Over the last few years, the pace of business and innovation has accelerated dramatically. Worker expectations have changed, and so have the way customers want to engage. The continued dominance of ecommerce has also meant businesses have new channels and avenues for which they are responsible. This change in pace must be reflected with a dynamic ERP system that’s keeping you ahead of aligned with the competition.

  1. You’re unhappy with the overall experience you’re offering

Experience is everything when it comes to your business – with reliability and predictability playing an integral role in your success. If your ERP system has left you in situations where you’re unable to provide clear and timely answers for customers or employees, then it may be time to reconsider your provider.

  1. You’re paying for features your business won’t ever utilise

Without a modular structure in place, businesses are often put in a situation where they’re paying for areas of a system that never get used. Similarly, the basic nature of out-of-the-box ERP software solutions means that whilst they come with automated workflows to cover areas such as accounting, manufacturing or supply chain, the technology is still incredibly restrictive.

Switching ERP system

If you’re considering switching ERP provider, start with our ERP comparison guide – a new comparison on the top 12 ERP providers for businesses in the UK. For a more thorough assessment of whether or not you could be getting more from your ERP provider, our team of experts are on hand to talk through your current operation.