GRN (Goods Received Note) benefits from Goods In to Purchasing

GRN (Goods Received Note) benefits from Goods In to Purchasing

The scenario of receiving deliveries from suppliers containing items from multiple purchase orders is more and more common, especially for those businesses importing from abroad.

Receiving a container or large delivery comprising of stock from multiple PO’s and suppliers is an established method of keeping delivery costs low. Although it is important to maintain the link between the goods being booked in and the purchase order they relate to, in situations of large volume goods receipt it is equally important to be able to quickly and easily process the new stock.

The majority of companies will invoice based on goods despatched rather than goods ordered meaning it becomes beneficial to process supplier invoices relating to the receipt of goods rather than the individual purchase orders they are on. This is not only of use when a supplier invoice covers goods received from multiple purchase orders but also when the purchase order raised has a large quantity of lines that may not necessarily all be received and invoiced for together.

New functionality in the July release of OrderWise 2013 v8.7 now includes a new GRN Goods In feature (Goods Received Note) to help businesses manage these scenarios in a much more efficient manner.

Fast & easy to operate

When choosing to use GRN Goods In users are presented with a window in which they can search for order lines by a date range and stock location. Although the fields displayed in this window can be edited to suit each company or users own requirements, standard details such as supplier name, order number, item code, description and outstanding quantity are initially visible.

Users can record the supplier advice number if required and are able to simply enter the quantity received against each order line and click to book these into stock. The screen will refresh, updating outstanding quantities and removing any fully received order lines allowing users to then continue booking in additional order lines on to the same GRN number if required. Once the window is closed the GRN record is completed and a new sequential GRN number will be generated upon opening the window again. When any GRN documentation is produced OrderWise will automatically generate separate documents for each supplier with goods booked in on the same GRN number. A GRN number field is also available for use when booking in by the standard goods in process.

Speed up supplier invoice processing

This new GRN record can then also be used when adding supplier invoices into OrderWise. With the relevant “Add invoice lines based on GRN” User Group setting activated, users will be able search the available GRN records against the supplier and choose which to add to the supplier invoice. At the click of a button all order lines from the chosen GRN will be pulled through to the supplier invoice being entered. As the GRN record will mirror the supplier invoice for delivered goods this new functionality will simplify and greatly reduce the time taken to enter detailed supplier invoices.

Read the July OrderWise 2013 v8.7 release notes for further details on the feature. For more information on OrderWise download the brochure or watch our videos.

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