How Magento 1 End-Of-Life Will Affect Your Business

Magento 1 end-of-life

Magento have announced that as of next summer, June 2020, their Magento 1 platform will reach its end-of-life.

If your website is still operating on Magento 1, you may be wondering what the Magento 1 end-of-life announcement means for your business.

Magento 1 end-of-life means that your website will no longer be supported or given security patches as of June 2020. Operating on a Magento 1 website after this date could leave your business vulnerable to functionality issues and security threats such as cyber-attacks. Therefore, to avoid any potential issues or impact to your profitability, you may want to start considering your options for a new eCommerce platform.

Moving to Magento 2 is just a quick upgrade, isn’t it?

Not really. Moving to Magento 2 is not a simple migration. It’s an entirely new platform with substantial differences from Magento 1. This means all your customisation, product data and scripts to inventory/order management systems will need to be reviewed and made compatible with your new website.

As a result, Magento 2 developers and agencies are capitalising on this need to migrate by charging higher fees for the upgrade. So, with people looking to shift to Magento 2 it’s a key time to be asking – ‘Is Magento 2 right for my business?’

What do I need to consider when looking for a new eCommerce platform?

Depending on how long you’ve had your website up and running, the eCommerce market, your online trading, and your customers, may have changed significantly. Therefore, in order to choose the right partner for your eCommerce business, there are a few things that might be worth considering before you get started:

Assess your current online strategy
How is your website performing? What is doing well, and what functions or processes need improving? Check your analytics to see what is your most popular content and what devices people are browsing from – mobile compatibility is becoming essential with nearly 60% of searches being done on mobile devices.

Think about your current and potential new integrations
Can you make fulfilling orders more streamlined? What back-end processes would benefit from being integrated? How would your website link with your existing integrations, and what are the costs/benefits to this?

What about a brand refresh?
If you’ve been thinking about updating your brand, now is a good time to do it. You could coordinate this with your new website design, ensuring that your online presence is catering towards the omni-channel approach that your customers now expect.

Consider the benefits of an end-to-end solution

As we mentioned before, a new website offers you the opportunity to improve your business processes for increased efficiency. Nowadays the key to a successful eCommerce business isn’t just getting a website that helps to maximise sales, but also ensuring you have the capacity in your back-end processes to handle fast, accurate fulfilment of these orders. The key to achieving this is through greater integration between your online sales channels and your distribution.

Choosing a full end-to-end solution will provide you with one central system for managing all your daily processes – from front-end sales order processing to back-end warehouse management and accounting. By integrating all of these operations you can:

  • Reduce your costs and grow your profits through a single supplier
  • Minimise disruption through a central support system for achieving faster resolutions
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the double-handling of data as key information such as products and pricing only need entering once
  • Eliminate overselling by ensuring inventory levels visible to website visitors are always as accurate as possible
OrderWise can provide a complete solution to support the profitable growth of your business

So if you are looking for an alternative platform to Magento and are keen to learn more about how an end-to-end solution for eCommerce trading can benefit your business, read our Cleaning Collective Case Study.

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