Two More “Taken By” Business Intelligence Grids Offer Further Sales Insight

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, more often than not the smallest details are left unnoticed or even overlooked.

Due to lack of time or resources, as a rule businesses will be prioritising more significant tasks that show returns almost immediately. However, even the smallest details within business operations can have a vast impact on business growth and bottom line profitability.

For instance, analysing the performance of Account Managers and Sales Reps will allow companies to gain an insight into whether all sales opportunities are being fully maximised. Having information at your fingertips to recognise who are the best and worst performers, who is recording the highest or lowest margins and who is maximising additional sales opportunities, will enable decisions to be made with confidence in order to improve overall profitability.

However, although tracking Account Manager and Sales Rep performance is important, it is also crucial for companies to look at who is processing the individual orders too. Although this is obviously key for companies in retail environments who may not use Account Managers or Sales Reps, this also shows who is gaining the highest sales order value and also who is maximising up/cross selling opportunities. Additionally it is also important to analyse who is taking orders for the most accurate insight into sales performance, as this will help cover scenarios where staff end up taking orders for customers on behalf of colleagues who are the regular Account Manager for that particular client.

Enhance Your Collective Business IQ

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OrderWise already knows everything about your company and with Business Intelligence, you are provided with the power to use this wealth of information to drive smarter processes, improve performance and increase profitability. More dynamic than even the most detailed reports, OrderWise Business Intelligence enables up-to-the-minute data to be viewed, segmented and manipulated from a variety of angles for comprehensive business analysis.

The Business Intelligence module provides the tools to analyse business performance compared across two given time periods, and to filter and drill down into these results. Information regarding user, customer, product and variant performance can be viewed from multiple angles using the tree-view nodes provided. These tree-view nodes are further broken down into Invoiced and Sold categories, providing the ability to distinguish between performance records based on sales orders raised and sales orders that have then been invoiced.

New BI Grids Provide More Flexible Reporting Options

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Now in Version 12.6 of OrderWise, two new Business Intelligence grids for Category and Product Sold based around the ‘Taken By’ field found with the sales order entry screen have been added. This provides more flexibility in how a business reports and analyses data and accommodates businesses that do not use Sales Reps or Accounts Managers in their trading operations, or may have Sales Reps taking orders on behalf of others on occasion.

These new additions also open up the use of Business Intelligence to till point selling, which will allow companies to utilise Business Intelligence for traditional retail analysis as well as wholesale channels. This will boost overall business IQ and allow OrderWise users to gain unparalleled insight into areas where improvements in your operations can be made, ensuring that future sales opportunities are always captured and fully maximised. However most importantly, Business Intelligence provides you with the data you need to come to meaningful conclusions, make informed decisions and help your business to flourish.

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