Three things to look for in warehouse management software

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Due to recent crises, issues, and trends, picking the right warehouse management software has become more crucial than ever. Even as many COVID-19 restrictions are being relaxed, ecommerce demand is not returning to 2019 levels.

This means the logistics of warehouse operations are in sharper focus than ever. At a recent online event organised by the UK Warehouse Association, John Munnelly, Head of Distribution Operations at John Lewis plc, summarised things this way:

“Logistics is the new retail.”

The longer this stays the case, the bigger this change will be. Businesses will be increasingly judged by how fast they can get their goods to their customer’s homes and clients offices, rather than shopping centres and industry hubs. To have the fastest external supply systems possible, you need to make sure that the digital systems managing internal logistics are the best they can possibly be. When you are looking into warehouse management software, be sure to check for the following three things.


Complete visibility

The best warehouse management software lets you see everything. Whether you need to know ongoing staff workloads, the ETA of incoming deliveries, or the current number of outstanding purchase orders. Your warehouse management software should be able to tell you all this and more whenever you need to know.

With the fullest possible picture, your employees can make the best possible day-to-day choices, and you can make the optimal overall strategic decisions. With real-time operational visibility as an option, you can see issues as they develop, understand situations as they unfold, and watch your responses take effect as they come into play. With complete visibility, you know that you are using the very best warehouse management software available.


Total stock control

Keeping your stock under proper control is a key component of the very best warehouse management software available. It means stock availability is clearly known, that all industry compliance procedures are in place, and lets you see what is and isn’t in high demand in specific moments, giving you an extra angle on some highly valuable market intelligence.

The processes of keeping track of stock are always vitally important, but if they have to be done at the expense of ongoing workflow, they become a dangerously disruptive. The best warehouse management software integrates stock control as part of your system, making sure your company stays on top of everything without slowing down.

With accurate alerts about low or lowering stock levels, intelligent forecasting about ongoing and upcoming trends, and a simplified system of transfers, allocations, and bulk orders – your business can respond to changing situations much faster and far more reliably. Exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from the best warehouse management software.


Paperless processes

The best warehouse management software keeps your operational accuracy ratings high. The more errors you have, the more time are lost to returns processing, and the more customers are lost as they begin to perceive your business as unreliable. To make mistakes much rarer, the window of opportunity for manual error must be shrunk. Data needs to transfer quickly and seamlessly, with little to no chance of ever being misread or misinterpreted. To accomplish this, you need to go paperless.

Hand-held terminal (HHT) technology in warehouses dramatically reduces the probability of human error. Scanning barcodes will always be more accurate than reading and writing a number, or listening to someone shout them out throughout the warehouse. Combined with the ability of this technology to redirect staff into more efficient picking patterns, regroup tasks for optimal order processing, and keep better records of operational effectiveness, it becomes clear to see why HHTs are so game-changing. To keep your business at the forefront of the cutting edge, make sure your warehouse management software can make use of HHTs and other paperless processing technology.


The very best of WMS

To discover the very best of what warehouse management software can be, you need to speak to the people who know it best. With three decades of experience across a wide range of sectors, OrderWise has a unique and specialist insight into the way to build the best possible suite of warehouse management software. OrderWise develops custom solutions, implementing WMS arrangements specific to what you and your business needs and wants. To find out more about what OrderWise can offer you and your business, talk to one of our representatives today.

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