Streamline Your eCommerce Returns With OrderWise

With shopping online increasingly becoming the consumer’s purchase method of choice, the importance of an effective eCommerce returns process is also growingly crucial for maintaining high customer service. Unlike bricks-and-mortar customers, online consumers don’t get to see and hold the physical product before they buy it, relying instead on product descriptions and visual aids to make their buying decisions.

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With the emergence of try-before-you-buy and buy now/pay later services, especially in clothing, eCommerce returns are only going to increase. Whether the product is damaged, duplicated or the customer has decided they don’t want it anymore, businesses need to be able to handle their returns in a fast, accurate and streamlined manner. Without a clear and convenient returns process in place to give customers a feeling of confidence and security when buying online, businesses may consequently push their website visitors towards competitors as a result.

New Feature Added To Make Your Online Returns Management Simple

With the OrderWise Returns module, businesses are already provided with the ability to speed up all aspects of their returns handling, both in-system and through our revolutionary mobile WMS devices. By using OrderWise Returns, businesses can gain structured control over refunds and exchanges, whilst also keeping returns costs down to a minimum.

Now this month, the OrderWise Returns functionality has been extended to the OrderWise eCommerce platform, helping those trading online with OrderWise to better manage their returns.

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This enhancement has come in the form of a new submit returns request option, available for anyone using OrderWise Returns alongside an OrderWise eCommerce Website. Through this new form, online customers can simply select the order line they wish to return, the quantity to be returned, along with the reason for the return and the desired outcome. The return will then be automatically imported into OrderWise Returns where it can then be managed and actioned within the main system. This customer self-service method, along with the automated import into OrderWise, will help businesses to reduce both the costs and associated administration time of processing their online returns.

With this great new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise to manage their online trading and any subsequent returns can ensure that the whole process is handled in the most structured and efficient way for the customer. This will not only help to increase customer satisfaction but also in-turn promote repeated business.

If you would like further information on the new returns functionality on our OrderWise eCommerce websites, then please contact us on 01522 704083.

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