Streamline Returned Goods In Processes With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

With customer returns activity having such a large impact on operational speed and business profitability, it is important that customer returns processes are handled in the most structured and efficient manner in order to keep the costs incurred from returns to a minimum. Having slow returns processes can lead to inefficiencies across a range operations and a paper based system for handling returns can cause stock inaccuracies. One way in which businesses can save both time and money and minimise the impact of returns is by streamlining the process of booking returned goods back in through the use of barcode scanning technology.

Returned Goods

OrderWise Returns already provides tailored setup options, control of user access and the actions they are able to perform, along with flexible workflows and fully configurable product return criteria. With the ability to link returns back to their original sales order, accurate costs and complete serial and batch traceability can be fully retained. This traceable management, visibility and process control functionality ensures returns policies are upheld, resolutions are efficiently delivered and performance criteria monitored.

New Functionality To Enhance Returns Handling

Now the latest OrderWise release sees new functionality added which enables returned goods to be booked back in by warehouse staff on Mobile WMS Devices. A new user group setting can be enabled to allow staff access to this new functionality meaning that returned goods are dealt with swiftly, which not only saves time but means that customers can receive a prompt resolution, whether that be a refund, replacement or credit.

Upon a return being authorised, OrderWise will output a barcoded returns label which can be sent to the customer. The customer then applies this label to the item being returned and the label can simply be scanned by warehouse staff upon receiving the item. Staff will have clear visibility of the return authorisation and reason for return, can check/confirm the item(s) and book the item into a returns location.

With this new time-saving functionality, together with the existing features of OrderWise Returns, businesses can ensure tight, streamlined control of returns processes whilst keeping costs down to a minimum.

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