Mobile WMS Device Features To Pack Your Orders Mid-Pick

When it comes to fulfilment, the most efficient method for picking and packing will vary from business to business, or even order to order.

HHT Part Picks 1 | Orderwise

For companies regularly processing large, multi-line orders, it can sometimes even be more beneficial for an order to begin being packed before the full pick has been completed. This is because if packers need to wait for long periods while picks are completed, it makes sense for them to start packing orders whilst they are still being picked. As the order will likely need to be split out into multiple deliveries anyway, working in this way is likely to increase efficiency and the rate of fulfilment.

That said, when it comes to packing an order that hasn’t been fully picked yet, businesses will need to ensure they have the right structure in place to handle this process effectively. Without the correct infrastructure to handle the intricacies of packing an order before it has been fully picked, businesses can leave themselves open to increased mis-picks, or incorrect or part shipments being made by mistake. Therefore, to avoid the dissatisfied customers and subsequent returns these issues can cause, businesses should only look to pack part-picked orders once they have the structure and technology to ensure picking accuracy can be successfully maintained.

Save time with new Part Pick feature added to OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

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With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices integrated seamlessly to OrderWise Despatch, businesses are already able to use this barcode scanning technology across a variety of different despatch methods to achieve 100% picking accuracy, whilst also increasing staff productivity. Now version 19.9 of OrderWise has seen new part pick functionality introduced, designed to work alongside a new pack scan process.

This functionality has firstly been facilitated by a new user group setting for allow generation of remnant picks. Once activated, permitted Mobile WMS Device users will be able to send part picked order data back to the main OrderWise system. When doing so, they will also be able to generate a new pick for the remaining items. This allows pickers to drop off part of an order at a packing station so it can start to be processed and packaged, before then going off to pick the rest of the order.

To facilitate the new packing process for part picks, a new pack scan form has been introduced which can be activated by a new advanced system setting. With this relevant setting turned on, once the items have been dropped off in the packing area, the packer will be able to scan an item without knowing what order it’s for and the item will be used to find the relevant pick. The packer will then continue to scan items and their quantities, scanning packing material barcodes as they go, which will automatically add a new parcel and place all subsequently scanned items into this new parcel. Once all items have been scanned, the order will be despatched either by opening the ship form or auto-shipping.

Thanks to this new Mobile WMS Device functionality, OrderWise users are offered even greater flexibility in how they can manage their despatch process. Now if they have a large, multi-line order to pick, businesses can maximise productivity by enabling packers to begin the packing process while part of the pick is still outstanding.

To learn more about OrderWise Mobile WMS, please give our team a call on 01522 704083.

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