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The stock control system that gets your inventory on track

From allocations to valuations Orderwise is the stock management solution designed to help you make informed, data-driven decisions in real-time. Real-time stock management is critical to the smooth running of any business. Orderwise’s flexible, scalable stock control systems can help improve stock cover and minimise stock losses. Enabling you to deliver more accurate reporting and be rewarded with improved stock performance.

With an OrderWise Stock Control System, achieve complete, end-to-end stock visibility in real-time, so you are always up-to-date with the latest developments. Easily incorporate vital industry compliance into your workflow, and speed up your pick, pack and ship processes with heightened accuracy.

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Stock Control System | Orderwise

Leading software for stock management

OrderWise Stock Management enables you to streamline daily stock operations with a scalable solution that allows sustainable business growth and evolution. Harvesting data from your sales and operations, get accurate business insights and simplify your finance operations, maintaining optimised purchasing and selling quantities year-on-year.

Whether you need a system to manage your entire operation or to help with certain elements of your stock control, OrderWise software for stock management brings your operations back in order.

Software for stock management in your industry

Wholesale Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter



Food and Beverage

Apparel and Footwear

Wholesale Distribution

OrderWise was built for wholesale distribution customers three decades ago and continues to be the leading choice in software for this industry. Using OrderWise, you will become the driver behind a fully-fledged warehouse operation with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, stock control and profit margins from one central hub.

Watch your workforce harness the power of barcode-scanning technology and manage your finances, reporting and overall sales using one integrated solution.

Warehouse & Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter

At OrderWise, we know merchant traders have their work cut out for them. That’s why our specialist software was built three decades ago to help businesses in this industry achieve customer excellence.

By sharing data across platforms as part of a multi-channel solution, you can make sales online, over the phone, through a sales representative or in branch, allowing your customers to choose how they do business with you.

Industry Merchant 2 | Orderwise


To keep up with raised customer expectations, retailers need to create a seamless multi-channel shopping experience and a functional back-end operation; setting the foundations for a profitable business.

Using an OrderWise system, complete with tight stock control, you will unite your websites, online marketplaces, stores and sales to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s customer and become an industry leader.



Striking a perfect balance between controlling cost and maximising operational efficiency is often the biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry.

Using OrderWise, you will have the capability to cater to all of these competing demands. Whether you manage simple builds or multi-level assemblies, our software ensures complete cost and parts control, rapid production and increased accuracy all year round.



Running an efficient business operation whilst adhering to strict pharmaceutical compliance can be a constant battle, but with the right software, it doesn’t have to be.

Our all-in-one ERP and WMS solution is fully FMD compliant to help healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses get ahead of demand, as well as keeping track of ever-changing data for your products, customers and regulations.

Pharmaceutical Software | Orderwise

Food and Beverage

Whether you’re running a manufacturing or trading operation, OrderWise is experienced in building cost-effective solutions to manage expiry dates, batch numbers and storage temperatures within a food and beverage environment.

Our software allows the controlled handling of multiple weights, volumes and packages at any one time to speed up processes and provide complete operational fulfilment.

Food and Drink Software | Orderwise

Apparel and Footwear

Keeping up with fashion trends can bring operational headaches in the apparel and footwear industry, but that doesn’t mean it should be taxing work.

As a B2C or B2B trader, you can keep on top of seasonal transitions and peaks, manage garment sizes, styles, ranges and promotions, and control your supply chain from one cross-platform solution.

Apparel and Footwear Software | Orderwise

Key features

Industry compliance

Industry Compliance

Track batch, serial and expiry numbers, and verify items for component or storage requirements with modules for your industry’s compliance standards

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Achieve rapid order fulfilment across all your warehouse sites, increasing throughput with precision and aided by Mobile WMS for Android


Purchasing and Sales

Access real-time and historical data to calculate purchasing decisions and stock allocations, maximising your sales with perfect stock visibility

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Gain accurate and valuable insights into the way your business operates, and create rapid reports from your stock control data

Courier Integration

Courier Integrations

Streamlined shipping through full integration with 60+ courier providers, for automatic operations and EDI

Ecommerce Website


With stock control, feed your data into customer order updates and live stock level displays for simple online order management

End-to-end visibility
Industry standards
Reliable data
Daily operations

Track, trace and verify from start to finish

End-to-end visibility

From goods in to despatch, have complete visibility of your entire stock in real-time. Work cohesively throughout multiple site locations and automatically capturing detailed component specifics.

Monitor your supply chain movements and know in advance when goods are scheduled for receipt. See a full breakdown of your stock allocations, and, in the warehouse, locate and process stock quickly.

Maintaining all your compliance requirements

Industry standards

Stock control is hardly complete without ensuring businesses can provide items to their customers safely and within regulatory standards. Maintain a compliant inventory with software features like full serial and batch number traceability, stock discrepancy flagging, and the logging of specific variations against each item.

With measures automatically implemented within your team’s workflow, you can enable compliance for stock, storage and handling without slowing your processes down. OrderWise includes a variety of modules for industry-specific compliance standards. Select your industry to find out more.

Make the most of your inventory with accurate figures

Reliable data

Gain trust in your figures through every part of your operations. With a full record of real-time stock data running throughout your business, remove the need for guesswork. Give your teams the information to help make decisions on everything from online channels and marketing campaigns, to purchasing, valuations and finances.

Getting the right stock levels at the right time, you can look ahead with forecasted spending and, above all, reduce unnecessary costs. Benefit from an accessible and accurate stock control system that prevents overselling and understocking, and adjust your actions in advance for seasonal changes and sales peaks.

Your day-to-day stock tasks functioning smoothly

Daily operations

On the ground, whether working within a single warehouse or across the whole organisation, complete tasks such as stock transfers or adjustments quickly, and easily tick off those dreaded annual stock takes without holdups.

Perform your daily stock operations without errors and delays, as every task from fulfilment and picking, to maximising sales gains greater accuracy and productivity. You can increase your throughput without growing your costs, and allow your company to expand its reach successfully.

What is stock control

What is a Stock Control System?

Stock control itself is achieved by combining all the practices you need to effectively manage your inventory. Solving workplace dilemmas can be made easy for businesses of all sizes by managing your stock in the right way.

From organising orders, raw materials and storing products, to tracking and crunching numbers from receipt to despatch, the right stock control software can draw all of your specific stock management tasks together into one system. Users can gain a clearer picture of their stock operations and complete management tasks more accurately and efficiently.

In all, jobs are made easier across the warehouse and the office, producing proper results, day in, day out.

Wise Way 1 | Orderwise

Why stock control from Orderwise?

With 30 years of experience in providing software solutions to businesses like yours and over 200 experts working from our purpose-built head office, you can be confident when dealing with OrderWise that our stock control systems, experience and expertise will directly benefit your business.

That’s why over 1000 customers trust and stay with OrderWise, with over 150 more joining us each year. Our stock systems are voted in the top 10 of stock control solutions in the UK so don’t just take our word for it. Our independent reviews back up our exceptional service and innovative technology.

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What our customers say…

On the stock control side, obviously we have a lot of different ranges and products. By having everything in one place, it makes things easier as you know a product is going to be in that place, in that amount. It’s also easier for the staff putting on the orders, they can check to see how much is in stock, whether it is in stock at all, and then we can just run the OrderWise To Purchase Report to pick up what we need to buy and what we don’t.

Jaron Hine-Maddock, Juice Sauz
Systems Administrator

OrderWise has improved the management of stock levels and contract production to ensure maximum possible shelf life is maintained. Many of our contract products have a 12 month shelf life and require a minimum of 11 months at the time of receipt by the customer. Batch traceability means we can control this and also enables any product falling below 6 months to be provided to customers with a fast turnover thus minimising wastage.

Mal Pattison, Hart Biologicals Limited
Operations Manager

We’ve got much better visibility of stock now and because OrderWise is an automated system we know exactly where an order is on its journey, so that’s really helpful if customers call up to check on the progress of their order. It’s also meant better service for our customers because they now get regular updates on when their parcels have been despatched via OrderWise.

Nicola Rand, Hunkydory Crafts
Project Manager


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