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Perfect your daily sales order processing with an order management system

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Grow your business with an accelerated order management system

The demand for simpler, frictionless sales interactions is rapidly growing within the consumer goods sector. Without the right order management software, a lack of customer data when you need it can cause valuable cross-selling or upselling opportunities to be missed, or customers to be lost to a competitor.

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Service that flows from your screen to theirs, with sales order management

Ensure your front-of-house and behind the scenes order service offering is consistently right with an OrderWise Order Management System, and provide an end-user experience that keeps customers coming back.

Track orders from across different sales channels, keeping up with tight order processing schedules and making ad hoc order adjustments for customers when required. With complete customer purchase histories and a full view of stock availability, get personalised recommendations for your customers on the go, maximising your sales.

Whether for ecommerce and retail or B2B sales, our OrderWise software makes order operations smoother, faster and more accurate for your team and the end-consumer.

Centralised operations
Detailed traceability
Data control

Unify the way your team works

Centralised and secure operations

Using a sales order entry screen, gain complete visibility of your sales orders from just one system moulded to your business specifications. Get a secure view of your business sales orders across all your channels from one place, whether completed in-store, via Amazon, eBay, or ecommerce websites and EDI, or even on the road.

With real-time knowledge, see the tasks that need to be completed quickly, and remove the need for lagging paper-based systems.

Keep your promise dates

Detailed traceability

Track and check schedules from initial order placement to final delivery, allowing you to meet increased fulfilment deadlines accurately and on time. Enable functions like order update notifications, so your customers are always kept in the loop of their order progress.

Any returns and adjustments can be completed with ease, and quickly verified at any stage. During busy sales peaks, your order volumes can be managed more efficiently and, fully integrated with your systems, our order management system can help the rest of your business to improve its functionality too.

The right information, at the right time

Complete data control

Access customer history, drop-ship and order fulfilment data, and enable more cross-selling and upselling opportunities, maximising the potential sales for your team by getting the right information and prompts just when they’re needed.

With total control of all your order data, recognise trends and create insightful reports to boost performance even further. From understanding your own sales patterns to creating brilliant customer experiences, an OrderWise Order Management System will enable your team to produce the best results for your business.

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OrderWise in your industry

Wholesale Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter



Food and Beverage

Apparel and Footwear

Wholesale Distribution

OrderWise was built for wholesale distribution customers three decades ago and continues to be the leading choice in software for this industry.

Using OrderWise, you will become the driver behind a fully-fledged warehouse operation with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, stock and profit margins from one central hub.Watch your workforce harness the power of barcode-scanning technology and manage your finances, reporting and overall sales using one integrated solution.

Warehouse & Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter

At OrderWise, we know merchant traders have their work cut out for them. That’s why our specialist software was built three decades ago to help businesses in this industry achieve customer excellence.

By sharing data across platforms as part of a multi-channel solution, you can make sales online, over the phone, through a sales representative or in branch, allowing your customers to choose how they do business with you.

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To keep up with raised customer expectations, retailers need to create a seamless multi-channel shopping experience and a functional back-end operation; setting the foundations for a profitable business.

Using OrderWise, you will unite your websites, online marketplaces, stores and sales to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s customer and become an industry leader.



Striking a perfect balance between controlling cost and maximising operational efficiency is often the biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry.

Using OrderWise, you will have the capability to cater to all of these competing demands. Whether you manage simple builds or multi-level assemblies, our software ensures complete cost and parts control, rapid production and increased accuracy all year round.



Manage your entire logistics operation, from supply and production to distribution and reverse, using our end-to-end software for third-party logistics.

We streamline your processes from beginning to end, regardless of where your operation sits in the supply chain.

Store, pick, pack and ship with confidence while managing client onboarding and correspondence using a single, easy-to-use interface.



Running an efficient business operation whilst adhering to strict pharmaceutical compliance can be a constant battle, but with the right software, it doesn’t have to be.

Our all-in-one ERP and WMS solution is fully FMD compliant to help healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses get ahead of demand, as well as keeping track of ever-changing data for your products, customers and regulations.


Food and Beverage

Whether you’re running a manufacturing or trading operation, OrderWise is experienced in building cost-effective solutions to manage expiry dates, batch numbers and storage temperatures within a food and beverage environment.

Our software allows the controlled handling of multiple weights, volumes and packages at any one time to speed up processes and provide complete operational fulfilment.

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Apparel and Footwear

Keeping up with fashion trends can bring operational headaches in the apparel and footwear industry, but that doesn’t mean it should be taxing work.

As a B2C or B2B trader, you can keep on top of seasonal transitions and peaks, manage garment sizes, styles, ranges and promotions, and control your supply chain from one cross-platform solution with order management software.

Apparel and Footwear Software | Orderwise

Key features



Manage customer price lists and maximise sales and profitability across all your channels with tools for automation and marketplace integration



Utilise smart tools to reduce overstocking, forecast for demand and calculate true product landed costs

Stock Management

Stock Control

Achieve stock visibility and traceability across locations in real-time, and deliver unrivalled and accurate stock level management



Gain a complete view of your customer interactions, both from your desk and on-the-go through the OrderWise Mobile App



Benefit from one fully integrated system for your lead generation and sales cycle with automated and targeted campaigns

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Get secure access to all your data quickly, drawing out the vital insights to let your business thrive

Order Management

What is an Order Management System?

Managing sales order processing from start to finish, order management software gathers all your customer ticket information from across your sales channels and processes the data into one integrated system. A comprehensive view of all your orders is achieved, ensuring every stage can be tracked and checked, and the order process can be sped up through automation, from placing an order to delivery to the customer. Don’t just take our word for it, see how our order processing system compares.

Whilst a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is useful to track your interactions with customers, order management software helps to improve the effectiveness of the sales process itself. The errors and delays often formed by manual handling of orders are removed, resulting in a more positive customer experience all round.

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30 years’ experience, 1000+ customers

With 30 years of experience in providing software solutions to businesses like yours and over 200 experts working from our purpose-built head office, you can be confident when dealing with OrderWise that our software, experience and expertise will directly benefit your business.

That’s why over 1000 customers trust and stay with OrderWise, with over 150 more joining us each year.

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What our customers say…

Sales administrators can now deal with customer queries whilst in sales orders and can access previous order history and previous pricing very easily – with OrderWise you can have umpteen screens open at a time and have all the information at your fingertips which is one of the major pluses for us.

Andrew Ewens, Happy Pet Products
Inventory Controller

OrderWise software plays a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, and this software is crucial in helping us provide that. We are also now using OrderWise to produce timed and targeted marketing campaigns, so there’s no doubt that this software will play a key part in our future.

Chris Illsley, Running Imp
Managing Director

We’ve got much better visibility of stock now and because OrderWise is an automated system we know exactly where an order is on its journey, so that’s really helpful if customers call up to check on the progress of their order. It’s also meant better service for our customers because they now get regular updates on when their parcels have been despatched via OrderWise.

Nicola Rand, Hunkydory Crafts
Project Manager


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